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As long as there isn't a marathon sailing session at the end, I'm cool with that structure.

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This thread title is amazing.

I think that given the context of a someone normal person thrown into extraordinary circumstances, a lot of huffing and puffing is expected.

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Puh. Interns. Right, guys?

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@Vitor said:

@BiffMcBlumpkin said:

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@BiffMcBlumpkin: Did you use to post at the Gamespot forums, and had a picture of a skinny guy flexing his arms and Jeff's face pasted on? And made a punch of posts about "Gerstitude"? I think I added you as a friend back then because your posts were funny, and then I remember looking at your profile one day and it said you were banned.
Yeah, big time. I was banned because Gallup, on the Hotspot, asked for people to send in game logos. I sent in a drawing of two pooplings anally raping each other. The pooplings raped me right out of my Gamespot membership.

If you search pooplings in google images, you get Klepek running the marathon man and the Luchadeer wrestler as results :|

Verified fact. It's on page 2.

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For a sec, I thought Nintendo was going to deliver another 2009 conference. Wiiu! That was a close one.

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I think the title is kind of lazy, but I'd like to play Sly 4 now. Like, right now.

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For a second, I was getting a Golden Sun 3D vibe :(

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Always be casting.

I'm actually not crazy about the art style, but for what it is, it looks gorgeous. I love a good fantasy RPG. I'm really hoping this is a good fantasy RPG.

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No R6V3 :(

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From a superficial glance, this seems to run into the same problem that DC Online did where you're forced to play side by side with the characters you'd rather be playing as. Hopefully there's something to this game.

Well said!