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Posted by Toxin45

So get this Killing floor was available for PS3 and Xbox360 .We can also play as the zombies and even the Christmas versions 

The Patriarch
Posted by FritzDude

I think the man breasts on the bloat should also be censored.

Posted by owl_of_minerva

What are you asking? Whether KF should be ported to the consoles? I don't think so, it's an extremely hard game that requires the precision of KB+M, and requires many hours of investment to win at higher difficulties (if playing long games). Can't see it doing well on Xbox or PS3.

Posted by DeeGee

It would be just as boring as the PC version.


Posted by MeierTheRed

It would be another game i wouldn't buy.

Posted by Little_Socrates

It being on consoles wouldn't be enough to make me buy it; in fact, I'd rather buy it during a Steam sale, as it's ALWAYS on sale.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

I don't see the indie Unreal 2 game finding a big audience on the consoles, call it a hunch.

Posted by zameer

It would continue to be a middling game.

Posted by crusader8463

That games all about the precision of a mouse and keyboard. I don't think it would handle well with a controller without some major gameplay sacrifices.

Posted by ajamafalous

What everyone else said.

Posted by Nekroskop

Just play it on PC. It hardly requires any hardware newer than 5 years.

Posted by ZeForgotten

Couldn't it run on a like a PS2 or something? I don't know doesn't seem like it needed to be on a 360 or PS3 and as others have said the game needs Mouse and Keyboard

Posted by iAmJohn

What is even the point of this thread?

Posted by laserbolts

What is even the point of this thread?

I'm trying to figure this out myself.
Posted by Guided_By_Tigers
@iAmJohn said:

What is even the point of this thread?

This is exactly what I was going to say.
Posted by Toxin45
@laserbolts: @iAmJohn: @Unknown_Pleasures: But what if it has cut scenes and story mode I meant.
Posted by trebert

It would no longer be killing floor

Posted by Toxin45
@trebert: Sigh fine also Look at the idea about A Hellsing(From the manga,anime,and Ova) Video game
Posted by DjCmeP

@iAmJohn said:

What is even the point of this thread?

Posted by iAmJohn

@toxin45 said:

@laserbolts: @iAmJohn: @Unknown_Pleasures: But what if it has cut scenes and story mode I meant.

What difference would that make?

Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1

If it didn't have that terrible server browser, then it would be a far better version of the game, PC or not.

Posted by Toxin45
@iAmJohn: If you  to the last guy then it wouldn't it suck
Posted by iam3green

it would be hard to play. the game is pretty hard i think.  i only have 5 hours in that game.