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@ultimatepunchrod: Yeah no one knows what happened to Vergil

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In resident evil games there are file characters. That means unseen characters that later appear in squeals.So I had conflicts with other users who don't think mentions or cameos don't as unseen recurring characters like Spencer he was mentioned and filed a few times and wesker made small appearances in1998-1999 games.So Put down your opinion about this and let me know

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Well I was having an argument with Abyssfull saying that Epilouge characters don't count as characters but here this

Also Wesker does make a cameo and in his office at STARS there is a picture of him.That counts as a cameo.So tell me what you think

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Man I miss Albert I hope his ghosts haunts and follows his brother Alex like Fettel did with Point Man in F.E.A.R.3.Also as for Sherry so I found out later in Wikia cause I got an account and they got that from some game website

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@Jack268: I have heard of it when i watched the trailers in 2011

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@kingzetta:can stink up to your mouth?

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@Quarters: First off Mundus is imprisoned not dead and second Vergil fate was unknown no one knows what happen to him after he broke free of mundus's control

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@Xolare: Yeah and you make the stupid comments that even your mom would do.

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I am discussing a real Devil may cry taking places after the other 4 Devil May Crys The new DmC game is just a reboot and ninja Theory takes over making Dante to look like a emo

Look at what you' done Capcom

I was hoping they make a sequal taking place after the events of 1-4 (from chronologically order) but instead they came up with this?

That is unbelievable and the producer/director of DmC4 quit.Why!?!?

I mean How will we know of Nero's origins,will Vergil come back,Can Dante meet his father,and what happen to Mundus?

Come on Capcom We need the old days back.Also a rumor ws that Nero is Vergil's son so why can't we see that in the games?

I mean I need to calm down about this but I can't Devil May Cry is an awesome series ninja theory don't mess it up.Well I must admit the gameplay looks awesome but I have my doubts

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A rumor of Resident Evil 6 was confirmed to be in San Diego Comic Con 2011 and Toyko Game show confirmed that Capcom was working on it.But The Teaser itself was fake ate least that's what capcom thinks but some thinks it legal and a few actors would return to developing Resident Evil 6.Don't take my word for it look it up.So there really is a Resident Evil6 coming and after raccoon city and revelations we might be able to see it.

I might get a pre order of Raccoon City it will be my first resident evil game.

game looks sweet

Plus I would like to know more about the 3rd Organization and what happen to Sherry.

Sherry Birkin wonder what happen to her?

Also more about Alex Wesker and Patrick.Plus I don't by that Albert Wesker is dead just yet

come on capcom I know he's getting old but that is just a ridiculous way to kill off one of your best chatacters

so there is my report so comment and let me know

Note:I made a remake of this because no one would comment