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Bit too much of a single-minded focus on how terrible and evil the FTP part of mobile/tablet gaming is, without also giving proper nods to the other developers and studios that are trying to do good work in the same market (Thinking of developers like Radiangames, Hexage, Orangepixel, Noodlecake, Firma and a few others). It sort of came off like Barry was having a huge rant at the market (which is odd, because they've had a good bit of success there as far as I can tell) before announcing that they are packing their bags and leaving.

Patrick, if you ever get the chance, I'd love it if you could do interviews with any of the other 'good guys' working in the mobile games industry, to see if their feelings match up with Barry's, and to get a broader view on the topic. Just recently Marvel released its Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in game, and its a paid app with no IAP's, so I'm wondering if things are starting to swing away from the FTP model, and back to paying developers for an honest piece of entertainment.

Just a thought.

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Now that I think about it, the death of physical media in videogames is one of the factors that got me into boardgames recently.

Nowadays videogames seem almost throwaway. You download them in a few minutes, fire them up, jump straight into playing them, then once you are done you can cast them aside, forever forgotten among the hundreds of other games in that Steam Library list.

Boardgames, on the other hand, I buy a lot less of, but each purchase has a lot more thought put into it, because they come with much more commitment. There is the ritual of opening the (often huge) box, popping out all the cardboard pieces, and bagging everything up neatly, ready for the first play. There is also the manual which, unlike a videogame manual, is mandatory reading - sometimes several times over if you want to be able to explain the rules concisely to your friends.
And boy do they take up space on your shelf!

A big part of me thinks humans just NEED the physical. That if one part of our lives goes all-digital, we'll just find something else that is tactile to fill the void. I mean, one of my gaming groups is a bunch of staff members from games company that makes MOBA's, that's gotta say something!