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I would love having a group of people to play with who are on my level of " got to the final training section but too scared to play an online match by myself" :D

Edit: Steam I.D - Alasandair

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R.I.P Ryan, I grew up listening and watching you, for someone I never met you shared so much of yourself with us that we all feel like we knew you. Such a tragic loss and a waste

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I have been having this problem as well. I have resorted to using the streaming option so i can skip around. It's not ideal but it's the best option I have.

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This is a fantastic article, promoting our beloved medium is something we all do and focusing on the diversity of it is important. I find that you almost have to stand by someone and forcibly show them the other types of games out there, especially if they are not action or violence orientated.

I know many people who will only play Call of Duty or Hitman and they ignore games that have a proper message or even just some that give that level of enjoyment but without the need for an gun or rocket launcher. If we can start educating the gaming society as a whole that will spread out to the public in general.

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i JUST watched that same video with ryan on the sofa, clean shaven and blonde. It made me recoil with horror! This is not the beard loving man that i see every week, i'm so happy the guys are old enough now to not try that stuff anymore.

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i love being able to tell my friends feel-good stories about games, one can only hope that the trend of bringing RPG elements into games will let people like "jeff" enjoy even more games!

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I love Laphroag, one of the best whiskeys i've ever tasted. Although it is an acquired taste

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never heard of the games but i'll have to try them out, seems pretty awesome!

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Well BBC are reporting that he has passed away, which is a very legitimate institution so i am inclined to believe this.

Very sad news, he had a messed up life