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Well that's upsetting.  I was really hoping at least one of them was in the works.

At least there's still the conduit and ghostbusters!

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Two games that I've been really hoping would be coming to the Wii are Spore and Civ. Revolutions.  My googling shows that both have been delayed, but the sources are all months old. Also, a post on the Civ. Rev forums says that the Wii port has definitely been canceled.  Basically, I'm not what to think anymore.  I was wondering if anyone knew more about either of these two games' status. I can live without Rev, but Spore seemed like a lot of fun and well suited for the Wii.

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Has anyone found a way to fix this?

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The jury is still out on this one, but I think the game looks a lot better than the majority of other games which while not saying much is still a welcomed change.  I think my opinion of the game will hinge on how engaging the story is.  I think the Wii has shown itself to be capable of handling a first-person game (MP3, Heroes 2) so I'm not worried about that. 

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The Wii version of Civ Rev is on "indefinite hold".

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On a somewhat unrelated note, look at the C&C franchise page.  What's with the placeholder?

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Thanks for verifying the bug.  I'm guessing it has something to do with the edit code finding the proper entry in the DB.  When it can't find C&C TS, it probably thinks that C&C is close enough and displays that.  You'd think that it'd be a problem with the server-side code,  but I'm guessing that it's probably in the JavaScript somewhere since it outputs different results on the different browsers. 

And yea, the article is pretty bad.  I'm not sure why someone thought it'd be a good idea to put all of those random screenshots towards the bottom of the page. Here's what I'm planning on editing it with  once it's fixed with a few screenshots interspersed. C&C TS was one of the first games I ever played a lot online so it's got a special spot in my heart and I thought it deserved a nice page here on GB.

C&C Tiberian Sun was the highly anticipated sequel to the first C&C.  The game pits the good forces of the Gobal Defense Initiative (GDI) versus the sinister Brotherhood of Nod (NOD) once again in an epic battle for world domination.  Like the other games in the series, Tiberian Sun is a real-time strategy games with a lengthy single-player campaign for both NOD and GDI as well as a plethora of on and off line multiplayer options. 

While the game is set only twenty years after its predecessor, the world of Tiberian Sun is much different. The lethal Tiberium continues to infect the world at an ever-increasing rate which has made most of the Earth uninhabitable for human beings.  To survive, GDI has moved to the arctic regions of the world while NOD has set up camp underground.

The game’s story is driven by the difference in goals between GDI and NOD.  As GDI strives to maintain world peace and discover the root cause of Tiberium, NOD is hell-bent on achieving world domination.  The story is complicated by the apparent loss of Kane, NOD’s leader, at the end of the first Tiberian War which has thrown the Brotherhood into leaderless disarray, but do not count them out just yet as NOD has created through genetic mutation via Tiberium a set of ultra-powerful units that more than compensate for the clan’s lack of organization. 

The Forgotten
During the GDI evacuation, some places of the world such as the inner city and many of the poorer regions of the world were ignored. These "forgotten" people were forced to live with Tiberian and watch helplessly as the mysterious green crystals brought about a slow death. Initially partial to NOD due to the aid the Brotherhood provided, The Forgotten have formed an uneasy alliance with GDI after seeing the effects of NOD's experiments on their loved ones.

New Units
Tiberian Sun introduced several new unit concepts to the C&C genre.  The most notable enhancements are the Mech warriors that replaced the typical tank for GDI and the subterrean vehicles used by NOD to strike terror anywhere on the map without notice. 

Critical Acclaim
The game suffered somewhat from high expectations and disappointment at several delays during the game’s development process.  Though many were disappointed, the game still received generally positive reviews and was embraced by C&C fans worldwide. 

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I was trying to add more content to the overview page for C&C Tiberian Sun and the edit box refuses to pop up in Firefox.  I tried it in IE7 and the edit box will pop up but it will have the content for the first C&C and not C&C TS.

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I like Pokemon Stadium 2 simply because it evolves.  It gets me any time.  Does anyone know how to unlock MidAir stadium for normal brawls (the first level in SSE).  It'd be perfect for brawls, but none of the guides I've seen have a way to unlock it listed. 

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I'm cautious.  After reading all the great reviews about MoHH2 I went out and bought it and have been severely disappointed with it.  The MoHH2 controls worked very well, but I think that the game itself was just boring even though I've loved MoH games in the past (I think it might've have something to do with the game being "wii'd" down).  So I'm going to wait until I see if CoD: WaW is much different game-play wise before I go out and buy it. 

smiley -  I think you're right about Heroes; it showed that a FPS could work well on the Wii, but I guess my opinion is that Heroes itself, as a game, just wasn't very good which has nothing to do with the Wii.

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