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#1 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

I've been wait for this since, well finished episode 3

#2 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

Mark of the ninja or Walking dead chapter 3. cant decide.

#3 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@EuanDewar said:

this just put me in an epic mood, forgot about this song.

#4 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@dragonzord said:

How shocking that this thread shows up after Jeff says the same thing. I don't care for the character, but the whole thing makes me think of a good chunk of this community doing whatever Jeff thinks without a moment's hesitation.

Jeff thinks the trash system in BL2 is lame, i think its the shit, boo-ya

#5 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

Commando level 34 just got to Sanctuary on my second play through. Spec'd mostly Guerrilla some in Survival.

#6 Edited by tphickma (62 posts) -

@Turtlebird95: they did install it, im having the same issue its just one of those things i guess, mine doesn't sound quite as bad as yours, but during cut-scenes it can definitely ruin the mood of the game.

#7 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@HistoryInRust said:

Yeah. It isn't very funny. I usually throw on a podcast when I play.

this is exactly what ive been doing for my second playthrough, the first time around though i will admit, Handsome Jack got REALLY annoying, but i dont play these games for the humor, just the co-op and guns :)

#8 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@PeasantAbuse said:

Has anyone found this gun? I really want it.

yes there is a similar gun you get by completing a mission searching for a cursed gun in Lynchwood, the gun im talking about though in addition to making that noise, has incendiary ammo, slows your movement speed DRAMATICALLY, slowly drains your shield, has almost no recoil and does great damage for the level you get it.

#9 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@MideonNViscera: An in game prompt informs you when you first get the key that the guns you unlock are level specific, i wouldnt open them until the level cap so you can be prepared to rock shit in the DLC

#10 Posted by tphickma (62 posts) -

@theimmortalbum: I also have a wife and 18 mo old so ive found the commando to be perfect for my play style, being able to run through areas, drop a turret and clear a room getting the exp while still quickly moving through the area, this has turned out great. I also play alot while they are asleep ;)

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