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:( Man this is ...

RIP Ryan, you will be missed.

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Best April 1st .. like EVER. :)

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Same here. Chrome 22, Windows 7. And no, I won't whitelist GB in my AdBlock since I'm already a premium member.

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I would be surprised if this wasn't posted by Jeff.

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Or WvW. That shit is gonna get wild!

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Hopefully someone from the staff, who can appreciate what ArenaNet is trying to do with Guild Wars 2, plays the game and gives it a honest runthrough.

Geez GiantBomb, there hasn't even been a news article or video of the Get Ready trailer on the site yet. Step up your game damnit! You're looking at one of the biggest PC launches this year (besides Diablo 3).

This game had 1 million beta signups in just 2 days and they have probably already pre-sold a bunch of copies.

The pre-purchase beta had 96 servers for god sakes. That's a LOT of players.

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Now we just need to get Jeff to play it again. And this time not just for 1 hour. :|

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Oh lol, didn't see it. Sorry.

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Nothing wrong with booth babes. These are hard working women, who have chosen to do this, because it pays good and a lot of them are models and/or do this for a living. They were not forced into anything.

Also, bring on booth boys if you like. I don't mind either way.

Relax a little you sexually uptight Americans, will you. :)

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