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Was looking forward to this, Patrick didn't disappoint. Solid talk.

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@ChrisTaran: 3 seconds with Google answers: no.

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I smell copious amounts of poutine in this deal.

is there even poutine in toronto?

Of course! You can't be this close to Quebec without learning to love it.

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Synthesis could have been a "novel solution" except for one tiny problem: It was never mentioned anywhere or anytime it was ever "a thing" let alone even possible. People are objecting to the Synthesis ending because it was literally introduced in as a possibility in the last dozen lines of dialog. The Star Child could have just said "You could chose the Time Machine and fix everything" instead of Synthesis and it would have made as much sense.

Plus synthesis makes NO sense.

Shepard is !00% organic life with some artificial implants sitting in his body. Mass Effect defines artificial life as lines of code that gain sentience.

Shepard contains no lines of code.

At the beginning of ME3 the doctor asks to check Shepard's implants, meaning the individual synthetic parts sitting in his body just like almost everyone else in the ME universe.

Plus he has human DNA, so basically the synthesis ending result could've been accomplished by tossing the space hamster with a calculator taped to its back into the beam.

EDI, her core consciousness and everything that makes her "synthetic life" is on the Normandy. So the Normandy would have to become organic.

The Doctor Eva body is operated by remote by a part of EDI, there is no complete "synthetic life" contained within that body. Does that become organic to? Are there now 2 EDI's

How does the magic beam decide what does and does not become synthesized? Does an empty Geth body become partly organic?

My Legion removed his consciousness from his body, if he hadn't would Shepard's N7 armor piece be partly organic?

There are more Geth than there are Geth bodies. Are there now techno-organic hard drives on Geth ships? Do the disembodied Geth just miss out?

And what's to stop techno-organics from creating new synthetic life that will destroy all life, cause that's what always happens?

According to what we see in the game, organics create synthetics then the Reapers cause the synthetics to attack organics making the Reapers the cause of the conflict in the first place.

Drew Karpshyn left Bioware and the writing goes to crap.

Mass Effect: Deception was full of errors and BioWare community leader Chris Priestly thanks the fans:

"The teams at Del Rey and BioWare would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the Mass Effect fans for any errors and oversights made in the recent novel Mass Effect: Deception,"

Meanwhile ME 3's ending is just as bad and the fans are insulted for caring.

That fact that Casey Molyneux doesn't understand what Bioware did wrong, proves Karpyshyn was the only Mass Effect writer with any real talent.

You really just nailed it on it's head. There's just such an insane amount of "you can't even explain that" to be found in the various endings.

It's mind blowing to still see journos and some gamers act like people who take issue with the finale have something wrong with them. We're not talking about minor quibbles to be found, technicalities to be nit-picked over. No, the endings were complete and utter garbage. If you're the person who can't see that, the problem lies with YOU (and yes, that includes Alex on this).

So once again, their only way to salvage the IP is to explain away the ending with Indoctrination Theory. We'll see on Tuesday if they manage to do that in a way that still leaves the universe viable for those of us with actual taste.

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As for comparing Lost to Mass Effect?, apples and oranges. Lost is a TV show and like movies/novels can only have one ending. Mass Effect is a video game and as such can have a variety of endings all equally valid.

Agreed. While I appreciate Patrick's writeup, there's two issues he either is overlooking or isn't aware of.

As you've addressed, this is a game. Specifically one that is built around multiple choices. That said, it doesn't mean choose-your-own-ending. But what it should mean is your choices up to that point then reflect one of multiple endings. All we are given is really one.

Secondly, and this is the crucial one, seemingly everyone discussing this topic are talking about different things. Let me be clear on this, unless you're aware of it already through your own deduction or because you've seen it, the ending isn't really an ending. By that I mean, the last 5 minutes in a way are just "fake". I urge people to go youtube the video "Shepard's Indoctrination (NEW)", otherwise we're not all on the same page. I actually long for a few more weeks to pass so people can talk openly about the ending so these misconceptions can be cleared up in a public forum.

Taking both those items into account, you're left with the realization that you didn't actually see the game end. Following that, the entire thing was designed for DLC (and specifically a DLC ending). All we can do now is wait and see if the DLC will be free or not, but left with that feeling that had all these complaints not come out in the open, this is probably the first time gamers would be paying for DLC to end an RPG series. That's where the real rub is and where the discussion should be happening. Again, please go watch that video so we're all on the same page.

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Weird that Alex notes iOS repeatedly through the article, but isn't aware that ME: Infiltrator is coming to Android as well.

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@Shady: Ubisoft Toronto actually. Also yes, this thread is horrible.

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" yeah, i'll pass and wait for the inevitable super street fighter x super tekken or whatever they end up calling it 6-12 months down the line in 2013 "

Not only inevitable.  They already announced it at the same time as this game. "
That's actually Namco's game. They're different games. That one will probably use Tekken's fighting engine. From the bit of concept art that's been released, it looks like the art style is very Tekken as well. "
Right, I read Dark's comment to mean the next game like this.  I understand Tekken X Street Fighter is from the Namco side, but to the majority of people out there, it'll be the "next" game, despite design differences.
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" yeah, i'll pass and wait for the inevitable super street fighter x super tekken or whatever they end up calling it 6-12 months down the line in 2013 "

Not only inevitable.  They already announced it at the same time as this game.
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" I'm so glad this is 360 only. "
What kind of messed of logic would make you glad about something like that?   Please explain.