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Been playing this for a few days. The pay-to-win aspect of this game is somewhat minimal, game is fun without putting any money into it. I wish it (like all stamina based games) just had an option to "buy" the game for $5 and get increased stamina regen permanently. Then I could feel like I was supporting the devs and actually buying something permanent if I stick with the game for a long time.

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I am hoping Harmonix brings it back on new consoles. Ideally it would:

1. Let you use the old instruments

2. Import your purchased library and songs from previous games you own

3. Add a online jukebox mode, where you pay for time (i.e. have access to everything for like $5/hr)

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How solo/duo-able is this game? I usually only have about 2 hours to play and spending 30 mins of that LFG and organizing won't really work. Is it a game where we can experience most of the content in 1-2 hour chunks without a group?

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Anyone know of a guide/video that talks about some of enemy characters you need to watch out for. Things like:

- stop moving when bloodseeker hits you with rupture

- stop hitting abaddon when he uses his ultimate


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@rorie Let us know how we can contribute in future when you guys figure it out.

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I play alone because a lot of the time I only have an hour or two to play and I don't want to spend 20 minutes of it waiting for someone. Plus, have to pause a lot to deal with young kids not staying in bed.

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Holy crap, this one got me the most. Well done @superjoe.

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@crunchmonkey: Thanks! I redeemed the DOTA 2 key, saved me from having to give my email address to sketchy people/sites.

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I agree that Nintendo should stop making consoles and just make hand-helds + software.

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I tried Fallout 3, didn't like it. I wouldn't say it was a bad game, I am just not a big fan of super-open world games, I like a little bit of direction.