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Mini-review: A piece of nostalgia 0

Having never played Dragon Quest IV before this DS version, I feel like I missed out on something great.  I can see how it was a great game when first released, but by today's standards it doesn't hold up well.    It is definitely a must-play for old RPG fans, it just might not be exactly your cup of tea. Pros - Excellent port, controls, screen usage.  I never felt the game was frustrating.Cons - Wasn't fond of the story and character progression.  It felt like I started 5 different games and on...

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Mini-review : Plays like 2 different games, both excellent. 0

The single player campaign and the multiplayer game are so different in my opinion they play like 2 different games.  The campaign plays almost like an RPG.  You get gear, experience, and a skill tree.  It just lacks the 20+ hours of gameplay that a typical RPG has.  It does have good replayability because the gear is random, but you can only play as the Space Marines.  Your squads play a bit differently each play through depending on what gear you find.  The multiplayer game is an RTS minus the...

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Mini-review : fun to start, frustrating to complete. 0

If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you can probably skip this game.  You are not missing anything by not playing it.  At the start the game is fun and simple.  As your characters get more abilities and the number of espers you can summon per-character increases, the touch screen controls really start to become a frustrating focal point of the game.  The pathing and collision of your armies make it difficult to employ any real strategy.  Unit selection and targeting in large fights is very inconsist...

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