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Not microtransactions but a whole new area to explore with with slighty better loot drops. Bungie's game philosophy is still stuck in 2008 and it shows. "You'll have to conform to our carefully curated pace."

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Setting up for $30 ULTRA HYPER RARE LOOT DLC I see.

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Some Yakuza 0 stuff is shown, this can't be it...right? I mean...Agent...:(

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@LunarJetman: @trafalgarlaw: I hate to be the one to reiterate this point but:

  • August 16th: Ex-boyfriend posts a blog post accusing someone of cheating, "naming and shaming" suspects, including some game journalists. A certain portion of gamers runs with that accusation and presumes it has to be for coverage and / or favourable game reviews (conveniently disregarding that said accused game journalists have never reviewed nor covered the game favourably). Harassment ensues. Anita Sarkeesian gets dragged into this as well.
  • August 28th: After said harassments have gone on for a while, actor Adam Baldwin posts the first mention of the #GamerGate hashtag, linking to a Youtube video that accuses said someone (again, said accusations have not been proven nor corroborated by anyone). On the same day, Leigh Alexander posts her "Gamers are over" article on Gamasutra. Kotaku posted their "Death of an identity" article. Keep in mind, both are well after the harassments have gone on for almost two weeks.

Saying that #Gamergate was a response to "gamers are dead" articles sprouting from numerous articles is disingenuous, unless you want to attribute some divine foresight to some elements of Gamergate.

You got it all wrong? I said it feels like the "gamers are dead" is a response to thing that was going on for a couple of weeks. You might want to reread my piece...?

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Dark Cloud 3. Calling it now.

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@LunarJetman said:

GamerGate started after the low-grade tabloid journalists flooded the internet with their "gamers are dead" articles. The formation of the movement had in fact nothing to do with Zoe Quinn.

I have no stake in this war and I generally refrain from participating in these kind of discussions but I really want to underline what you just said. While mysogyny, sexism, racism and insults on the internet are nothing new, Leigh Alexander made a (in my opinion) a far too harsh judgement on the gamers of today and gamers in general. She did exactly the things she accused others of, denying others of their self-perceived identity. Normally you'd say, allright...that's her opinion and that's just fine. But then big sites like Kotaku joined in and many others, even unexpected sites joined in.

My main problem was how those sites, used this condescending tone on its readers. Many videogame websites parroted the GAMERS ARE DEAD sentiment. You don't write articles directed at your readers telling them that they're dead, finished and old news. Even internetjournalism has standards, i.e. respecting your readers at all times. In an attempt to bring sexism and misogyny to attention, they insulted their readers. Who the hell has the right to deny my self-perceived identity, whether it be a gamer, (in my case) male or otherwise?

I'm not denying or downplaying sexism/misogyny or racism, in videogames, on the internet or in real life. There are better ways to bring it to attention than what has transpired the last couple of months. It all feels like a surreal war in which the GAMERS ARE DEAD bandwagon was a direct response to the Zoe Quinn conspiracy believers. I don't quite understand the hashtag GamersGate still, is this used by those rebelling against the perceived corruption in videogames journalism?

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Playstation all-stars battle royale. Looks like a rookie's project in Paint.

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@corruptedevil: Oh jeez I'm still Rank 1!!!!

Best get on this SLink fast!

@DeadpanCakes I'm the same generally, lol. But it was raining and I had nothing to do. D:

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Hang out with Adachi on these dates. Lucky for you, you need only to level him up to lvl.'s auto beyond that. Make sure to carry a Jester persona when hanging out with him.

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@trafalgarlaw: 15 is on the new consoles though, so there's almost no reason not to bring it over when it does come out.

That's the entire reason why we are getting MGS5 on PC.

There is, read my edited post; Nomura has left.

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Expect FF 15 too.

No. Porting FF13 saga to PC is a testament to how much money they've wasted on failed multiplatform engines and a very troubled multiplatform development (i.e. 360). This is a last ditch effort to recoup cost.

Except that both of the new consoles are pretty much PCs.

So? I'm talking about PS3/360, last gen.