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It looks good but does it look $450 good... Hmmm...

Don't forget your PlayStation Plus subscription and tax. For me, Bloodborne would be a $550 investment.

You can sub for a month on PS+ for $10 or something and that is only if you want to use multiplayer feautures.

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@yummylee: I would describe DMC as a game a ton of people hated before they even played it.

I'm just saying how things were back when it came out, and a lot of people really didn't like DMC4. I was actually in the minority at the time that thought Nero was a really cool character, and was disappointed when I had to start playing as Dante - and soon after completely flabbergasted when I realized I'll be replaying the same levels and bosses in reverse.

You're not crazy, that's what I remember, too.

People were still high on Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II got a ridiculous amount of hype around '07-'08. In comparison, discussions around DMC 4 made it seems like a slow, antiquated game with half-hearted design (partially due to the backtracking). It wasn't embraced as openly as 1 or 3, but it got far more respect than 2 ever did.

And it didn't help that Nero was compared to Dante in the same way that Raiden was compared to Solid Snake.

But again, I loved the game so whatever!

Half-hearted maybe but it was definitely a step in the right direction. It also didn't help that the directer changed from DMC3 but I sure as hell liked the game. I was wondering whether they could have put Vergil in and now here we are with not only a playable Vergil but also Trish, Lady and Gloria!

That first Belial/Berial boss was dope as fuck and very impressive at the time.

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I was mugged with a holstered knife, I didn't know how fast anyone could draw a blade like that so I cooporated. He came to me while I was waiting at bus station, it was 8 o'clock in the evening at a pretty abandoned bus stop which I had been using for years. He had probably scooped his opportunity by waiting for anyone to enter the overpass. It was raining outside and dark outside so visibility was just bad. A really strange combination of events for a perfect robbery.

He came with his bicycle and parked it near me. I should have been weary of this move but stranger things happen in a city. He stepped off and came to me with a weird incoherent story about looking for some hookers. He started asking questions in broken english. I thought nothing of him as some random lost tourist and tried to help him a little. It tends to happen more often in areas of so-called coffee shops. After we both we were waiting at the bus stop he suddenly says in perfect clear english; Sit down, this is a robbery.

He went through my belongings and grabbed my PSP. I politely asked it back which he did gave back, some weird robber he is. I luckily had no money on me and he only took my busted-ass phone which luckily wasn't even worth $80 and had no phone/carrier contract on it. I tried to convince him it was not worth robbing since it was broken, while in truth it had only run out of charge.

Here is the sad part, this happens 30 feet away from a police station and a super market. Yet, no one in those 5 minutes came near us. It was some Bulgarian dude that robbed me. I now am wary of anyone approaching me due to this robbery, it gives me a slight uneasy anxiety. I guess I learned to be wary of eastern european men as well.

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After DmC (and DE) bombing universally, I am glad DMC is back on track again. Day FUCKING one. Also some Trish footage that looks dope.

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@trafalgarlaw: Fuck man, the first 30 seconds of the Namek Theme... a grenade of nostalgia going off right in the feels!

Oh yes it was weird for me to find out I was listening to finnish metal band all along. But the weirdness doesn't stop there either, both the original Dragonball Z as well as the 2013 Dragonball Kai music composers have all commited plagiarism or have taken liberties with inspiration. It's weird how plagiarism keeps plagueing anything Dragonball related.

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Also I remember the GameBoy Advance games like Buu's Fury were pretty great. It was basically an RPG with an overworld, true to the original story and flashy combat.

The more obscure Street Fighter-like games on the Genesis (Bu Yuu Retsuden/L'Appel Du Destin) that only got released in Japan and France or Shin Butoden (Sefa Saturn) were also pretty great games. The fixation on Tenkaichi-like garbage caused the downfall of the game. Not great fighters due to the overhead 3rd person perspective and not great DBZ simulators due to the hardware limitations.

DBZ games can work in a limited but focused scope.

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The worst part about the Budokai HD Collection was that they took out the fantastic soundtracks from the PS2 versions and replaced them with the generic garbage from one of the more recent games. Never bothered picking that collection up because of it.

That was because of plagiarism. The composer of those tracks straight-up ripped them from Stratovarius tracks. For the HD rerelease they were forced to replace the tracks. For reference:

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Your thread title is the secret. There hasn't been a good Dragonball game. 'Even' the Budokai games are trash if you think about what a Dragonball game could be.

Dragonball should be a game with the progress structure of Fable.

I'm sorry but you couldn't be more WRONG. Budokai 3 was the epitome of a good fighting system. The controls weren't overly complicated, the Tekken-esque 3D plane was done well and there were actual indept juggle combo's to perform. It did not catch on since balancing was poor, but other than that pretty great hybrid of a DBZ fanservice and a fighter.

I heard Super DBZ was even better.

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At first glance it's confusing and overcomplicated. When you get in deep, as you are required to do so for Waka's ultimate weapon, you kinda appreciate it. The movement and encounters are still kinda wonky but it's interesting how they made a turn-based underwater polo game work. Then you dissect it and conclude it's bullshit. A 10 attack power shooter may still beat a 19 defense goalie. There is too much randomness, too much buff and debuffs attributed to stats.