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You guys seem to behind on the world of stupid internet trends. Video selfies have started to become a thing for while now.

I think you should abstain yourself from the internet for a're in too deep.

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oh man this looks endearingly bad

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Too bad he's still in the gene pool. It's beyond stupid to do it on train tracks with earplugs in.

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@sdharrison: would you have said the same thing about the ps3 7 years ago? (high priced, underpowered, deeply flawed product)

Cause to me, and most people I would say, those words could have been used to describe the console and yet, for the last 2 years, I would have recommended a PS3 over an Xbox 360. And I prefer MS to Sony overall...

Sony had the crazy amount of 1st party and 2nd party studios going in from Ps2 to Ps3. Microsoft repurposed a lot their of PC-centric devs to make xbox games...only to sack a lot of them. Never forget; Digital avil, ensemble studios etc.

Microsoft lost Bungie, lost Oddworld Inhabitants, lost Johnathan Blowe, lost the support of Epic Games, gained the washed up Crytek, gained the studio in turmoil Insomniac and the universally hated 343i. Pretty bad trade to me. Microsoft relied too much on 3rd party this gen, now they have fuck all, a machine performing worse in multiplats and a lagging behind indie support.

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Two more questions:

1. I have read about the OLED Mura, The black spots that appear, is this something all oled's have on the vita, and if they have them, will they become worse with time?

2. How good is the screen brightness on the PS Vita?

1. I have mura but it's not bad, I only notice a blacker outline (of an image) when transitioning from a bright screen to a fully black one. I think people overstate the mura problem.
2. It's great.

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I just got mine two weeks ago and I'm in love with it:

Steady influx of games through PSN+, I have not bought a single Vita game yet.
Spelunky on the go! 'nuff said.
One of the best indie platforms ever. Nuclear Throne, Terraria, Fez, Starbound and so on...
A lot of new (J)RPG's are announced.
The Vita user interface is so fast & slick, worlds apart from the archaic ps3 interface.
Good internet browsing, YouTube and stuff like Crunchyroll.

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Bungie was never that great, a one-trick pony with Halo. I hope he finds actual good games to work on.

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@choi said:

@matiaz_tapia: I was referring to the camera positions and shots. Just turn it the other way around and imagine every time Balthier walks into frame in a cut scene your presented with his ass or crotch. It would be ridiculous.

@trafalgarlaw: Of course they can, don't be silly. But I can't escape the feeling that they think it's necessary to show and portray all female characters as really sexy for us (mostly male players) to even care. And that's kinda insulting and cringe worthy. It's not just Fran, all female characters are treated that way in FF12.

And sexism is a really broad and serous topic, and I think objectifying females in media is a part of it too. I understand the cultures are different and I still play and enjoy the game, just think it's unnecessary and lame.

You could start by calling 'females' women. Penelo is not sexualized at all, which is kinda invalidating your argument. But most of all, the story is about princess Ashe trying to avenge her husband, not a bunny simulator. Making women pretty isn't the same as oversexing or sexism. If I could show some cleavage instead of wearing boring rags...I'd show some. Don't relate respect for women to their clothing style.

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@hailinel said:

@choi said:

@veektarius: I'm playing Final Fantasy 12 right now and don't even get me started on the sexist shit in that game. Everytime Fran walks into frame the camera is showing her ass. The game has a whole race of sexy bunny laddies for god sakes... -.-

How is a race of rabbit women sexist? How is it sexist for a character, male or female, to be perceived in a sexual fashion? Fran isn't some dumb bunny eye-candy. She's intelligent and capable. Her characterization isn't defined solely by her appearance.

Women can't be intelligent and have nice ass(ets) apparently. How dare they!

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@l4wd0g said:

If your going to fuck on camera, why not use a site where you can get paid, rather than getting your PSN and twitch account banned?

Who'd pay a redneck and his bimbo to have consanguin intercourse while chugging beer?