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I wish I could tell all these people to stop whining, but the truth is I know exactly how they feel with my precious Resident Evil.

The only advice I can give is to just forgive and hopefully forget. Your series is gone and it is NEVER coming back. Leave flowers, sacrifice a goat, drink soma... whatever you have to do just do it and then turn around forget it ever existed.

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Cooking Ramen noodles for the perfect amount of time by feeling them with a fork. Not too soft but not too hard either.


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The end of Journey made me so damn emotional.

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@Legion_ said:

Hey duders. I thought I'd encourage the community to have a discussion about religion.

I generally like this community

You fucking liar.

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My wisdom teeth are coming out and i'm scared to death. I'm not sure if I have it in me to get them removed.

I'm absolutely terrified of the dentists. Some shit happened when I was a kid and now when I go inside one I can't stop shaking and now that this is basically mouth surgery my fear is multiplied by x10000. I haven't been to a dentist in 10 years.

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@BaconBuTTy said:

Obviously this is very sad, since a dude has died. But as a brit, it's also kind of .... well, it's in keeping with my opinion that gun law is fucking bizarre in America. Like, yeah. Of course someone involved with FPS russia has been found dead, after having been shot. With a gun. Yep. I can believe that completely. Didn't even do a double take. Yup. With all those guns around you, and gun business and dealings with guns. yes. Someone got delierately shot to death. Shocker.

Killed this thread kind of early, did we not?

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Bitches please. Bob's Burgers is gold compared to that dull animated garbage you call "The Simpsons".

Sure it used to be good about 10 years ago, but now it's absolute garbage. Same goes for Family Guy and South Park.

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I can watch The Warriors a million times and it will never lose it's feels.

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  1. Griff The Invisible
  2. Griff The Invisible
  3. Griff The Invisible
  4. Griff The Invisible
  5. Griff The Invisible


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Games like Mass Effect and Uncharted have to be tuned up all the way to get the whole experience of the game.

Games like COD or Battlefield can be played on Normal or Easy. Same shit, just higher bullet damage.