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@FunkasaurasRex: Now that's not very nice.

My best advice is if you get the chance talk to your male friend about what he's doing. If he's not willing to be honest about it himself then the best thing to do is be the bringer of bad news. It's not a very satisfying answer but I'm not sure if this problem has one.

There's wisdom in your words, fat Nathan Drake.

Hey! Leave Fat Nathan Drake alone you cold hard soulless bastard!

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Snitches get stitches.

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I seriously can't be the only one who hated Dishonored.

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theres a few things that they skipped that are somewhat important to the show firstly ricks arm being cut off, michonnes rape, and michonnes revenge on the governor (still one of my favorite comic moments). Lori's and judiths death was far more horrific, also didnt like how they handled the death of dexter (the inmate rick kills) they made it rick didnt have a choice as the guy tried to kill him twice while fighting the zombies in the cell block, I preferred when rick simply shot the guy in the face and covered it up as a stray shot when the guy was causing trouble in the group more of a moral grey area .

and the murder of hershels twin daughters by a psychotic inmate, i guess i really like the whole 'man is the real monster' vibe the comic gives off more then the show. Zombies are dangerous but can be dealt with fairly easily, where as every time the group meets another survivor there is always that level of mistrust.

You have to remember that this is on AMC, not HBO or Showtime. And even then I felt extremely uncomfortable with a lot of this in the comics, however the prison war scene was epic because of what you said.

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Tarantino is a very complex guy. I either FULLY hate or love his stuff. I haven't seen Django yet, but I have a feeling I will ultimately hate it based on what I know, but anything is possible.

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I thought the movie was awesome, and the dialogue was fucking awesome. Way better than The Hobbit or as it should be called, an unexpected drawn out series of chase sequences.

haha Gandalf screamed RUN!!! like three times in the movie.

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Craigslist Joe on Netflix got me misty eyed. Out of all movies that one did it.

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They don't get paid unless you actually click on the ad, so I see no point in making yourself suffer unless you actually click on them. (at least on Youtube anyways)

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Don't agree with The Grey, Looper or Skyfall but nice list because of Dredd.