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I'll be there! Also sorta local (carefully timed visit to family that live in LV), and also also a casual terribad. I'd definitely be up to grab some beers with duders and maybe play some casuals with people that won't blow me up in 2 secs.

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lucas: 1736-0526-7427

we gots peaches, lychees, cherries and lemons now. come say hi!

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Here's a little something I whipped up:

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All hail Rocktober!

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@rjayb89 said:
" I wish I could dance in front of my game collection like that. "
I wish I had a video collection worth dancing in front of like that.
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Forget D.N.F. the game - If they made an uncensored DVD telling the epic saga of the (not) making of this game from the inside, I would buy that shit for $100 without a second thought. At this point, the story behind D.N.F.  is far, far more interesting than the game (or any game, really) could ever be. Just give Mr. Broussard a video camera and enough drugs to silence the demons and watch the magic happen!