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yup you moved me to of luck to you patrick.

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I think you're wrong. Tekken 6 had Alisa. fucking Alisa is the best character in the game. ALISA FOR PRESIDENT.

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@sinusoidal: thing is, what does it matter for us mortals? might as well crank it out in HD, it's not like we would be around in either scenario, YOLO YDLTL

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I watched the first video of this thread and decided fuck K pop. i'm too old for this shit.

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@devil240z: well, you know, this isn't even your fault. anger issue aside. might sound childish but i'm just stating fact. someone takes something that's yours, doesnt give it back, you take something that's theirs, then you're being the good guy giving it back but she doesn't. Even though in this situation we're talking about a lighter, u can replace the lighter with literally anything. I've had my share of anger issues in the past (it got really bad as well for me, so trust me, i'm not just talking out of my ass) but as i've grown older i'm getting calmer, wiser and I try to channel my rage into something else. It's been working last 5 years i'd say, more or less.

My point is, it's good to recognize your flaws and it's great to want to become better, but be careful of the reverse effect,

where you start becoming a pushover just because other people use your anger issues against you for any reason whatsoever. Not giving your lighter back after you gave back hers is sending out a message. Seems to me like she intentionally tried to trigger your rage and then pointing the blame towards you. think about that. I may sound like i'm trying to make this worse for you, but on the contrary. Maybe she should look at her own flaws. Why is SHE acting LIKE THAT?

That being said. Just depends what you're willing to put up with. Maybe i'm dramatizing, this is the internets, but i figured i might be onto something. If you want to make it right, just apologize, do everything you can to make it better and she'll turn around. But think about why she behaves and does the things she does. Stay True To Yourself.

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damn i miss the achievement tracker on the site, it was so neat. not essential but just neat feature. oh well. My toughest achievement must have been SMILE achievement in geometry wars 2. i spent weeks on it when i finally got it i actually called up a collegue who was at work and he informed our other collegues and they all came to the phone to congratulate me. (we were all aiming to achieve it) LMAO, good times.

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not that it is one of the worst games ever, and not even a bad game but in terms of being dissapointed, guys, i think Saints Row The Third is not funny AT ALL nor is it fun to play. There I said it. I was a bit hyped by giantbomb i will admit. But hey that's fine, i discovered alot of games thanks to giantbomb and loved them, saints row the third just isn't one of them

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i Would say Onimusha. well no, actually just a reboot or sequel, THE ONIMUSHA. If i'm not mistaken that franchise sold pretty well, i don't understand why they dont make a new one, I mean there hasn't been a single onimusha in the entire PS3/360 era. Not even a damn HD collection. I loved those games. granted they were just resident evil set in ancient japan, like even at the time they weren't really innovating but I really enjoyed thosse games (third one a bit less, but dat Jean Reno mocap tho). Meanwhile they still cranking out dynasty warrior games...

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i have 85, but even if I had hundreds i wouldn't feel bad about it, the reason people have so many steam games is because of the insane deals so while the number might look shocking, in most cases, the money spent on them is probably not that much. Depends on your personality as well i guess. Like i played through mass effect 2 about 5 times on Xbox360 but it was on steam sale for 3 euros. Sure i'll prolly never play it again but I can't help myself. I can buy it for the price of a small sandwich. Moreover, The steam sales make me try out games i would never buy, but they come at such small prices that sometimes u just pick up a gem u never thought u'd like. And i like to think of my library as saving games for a rainy day. :)

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it prolly wasn't your intention @metal_mills but you just increased the clicks of her click bait article by writing this.