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@pr1mus: KiA is calling. Don't keep them waiting on our account.

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Was wondering what had happened to Routine while watching the Isolation QL. Nice timing, Scoops!

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Shoving an also-ran like Neversoft into the dessicated husk of Infinity Ward and calling the result a "super studio" might be overstating things just a tad, no?

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@likeassur:'s not like much else is going on right now, is there? Nothing exciting is hitting the new consoles for months, and the Souls games have proved to be an enduring success, with a highly anticipated sequel releasing next month. Maybe try chilling the fuck out?

Thoughts about the ending

The only time I strenuously followed a guide was to save Solaire, and I'm glad I did; gloriously incandescent bastard made the fight with Gwyn damn near poetic. I spent most of the fight messing up parries and getting grabbed and thrown, to the point that Gwyn lost interest in me and starts going at it with Solaire. I catch up to them in time to see Gwyn toss aside Solaire's lifeless body before bearing down on me. He swings, I parry, riposte, YOU DEFEATED.

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Xbox 360

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That someone with a handle as oblivious as "The Annoyed Gamer" managed to drive out a creator as perceptive as Phil Fish would be hilarious were it not immediately sickening.

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Applying now as Hodal, Any truckers engaged in planetary interaction? Been grabbing the skills for that, get some minimal passive income going as a start.