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@dr_insane: "Rest of the show was entertaining, though the Tim Allen segment felt a bit forced... dunno why they still feel pressured to shoehorn in a "btw we're not sexist, lets make fun of a real sexist to prove it" bit, when they're clearly not sexist and shouldn't have to prove it to anyone. I guess that stupid, ridiculous drama surrounding the last hire is still haunting them."

Think you're reading a bit to much into it, they were looking at Tim Allen's website on UPF and someone brought them the book after that because Tim Allen is fucking out of his mind... thought it was the best part of the panel

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Wow it was right in front of me the whole time.. thank you very much :)

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So I've just hit level 11 and got my first trait point.. but I cannot use it until I speak to a trainer? Where is a trainer because I haven't seen one thus far..

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If there is a giant bomb guild I am very interested, finally got into the beta

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Yeah that's what I meant, pre-purchase.. but I just went to buy it and the digital and digital deluxe editions sold out, only leaving the collector's edition -__- how can they sell out of digital copies of a game? unless they just do it to limit the number of people in the beta or whatever

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If I pre-order it now will I be able to play?

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Sorry if there's already a topic on this, but I'm a little late to the Assassin's Creed party and just bought AC2.. will I be able to jump in and understand what's going on? If not, what should I know before playing?

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x Malvad0 - Stanford

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I'm down, Vikings please

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egg everything