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I've spent a handful of hours in it and haven't managed to accomplish much of anything. Definitely the kind of game you need to dedicate a lot of time to. I bought a hotas stick last year and was waiting for something like Elite, and both the controls and the visuals of the game are really great. Also, there is a combat demo(originally for pre-orders) you can find if you look around a bit.

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Just came across this and thought it might interest folks here. There's a decently playable Windjammers clone on iOS called Power Disc. My brief time with it seemed ok considering the touch controls.

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I liked it quite a bit. I think I was in the mood for exactly this kind of game when I happened to try it out so it worked for me. As others have said, the soundtrack alone really makes it something worth trying. Story gets very interesting in spots.

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There's a fuse issue with those receivers that can be fixed with some very simple soldering. There are videos and article out there showing you how, I was able to fix mine a few years ago. I think Vinny went through this at some point as well.

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I've only played a bit of it, but Neverwinter seems like it could be decent.

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If I find myself banging against a boss for too long and it's either grind out some levels or summon, I'll often summon. I do try not to though.

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Really thought I was on a decent path and then woke up one day feeling like I had fallen way behind. Trying to do what I can to make up for it now.

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Mine seems to be pretty nice.

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Yep happens to me all the time. Something will come along and grab you eventually. Like Sinusoidal said, games aren't a job, play when it sounds fun.

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I end up tired of almost every album I get really into. Then I take a year or two off from it then rediscover it after.