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If I find myself banging against a boss for too long and it's either grind out some levels or summon, I'll often summon. I do try not to though.

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Really thought I was on a decent path and then woke up one day feeling like I had fallen way behind. Trying to do what I can to make up for it now.

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Mine seems to be pretty nice.

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Yep happens to me all the time. Something will come along and grab you eventually. Like Sinusoidal said, games aren't a job, play when it sounds fun.

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I end up tired of almost every album I get really into. Then I take a year or two off from it then rediscover it after.

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Making Danny O'Dwyer the face of that site is the best move they can make.

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I'm a couple of hours in and it's really everything I could want from a South Park game.

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I don't know if I have time to fall into this book right now, but I would really like to. Loved the first one.

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All this Spelunky talk definitely got me back into the game. It never clicked with me back when it came out. I'm probably just about done with it though, at least as a frequent play, I beat Yama about 10 minutes ago.

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I was playing with my DS4 the other day. It works fine now over BT or USB.