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A Link Between Worlds is a wonderful follow up to the original and an illustration of what made Zelda great. 0

The Legend of Zelda as a franchise has been stale for a while now. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword both have their fans but it seems that most people, myself included, found them to be dull experiences. Too much hand holding, repetition, and wonky motion control for my tastes. With the series losing momentum amongst the general public Nintendo has taken a new approach. They have looked back at some of the best games in the series and brought them to new consoles.It worked for Ocarina of Time...

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Another flawed, enjoyable interactive movie from Quantic Dream. 0

As someone who rather enjoyed developer Quantic Dream’s previous game, Heavy Rain, I had high expectations for Beyond: Two Souls. I’m well aware of the litany of issues that many point to with regards to Heavy Rain. The awkward voice acting, frustrating controls, narrative with too many holes, and pressing X to Jason were often cited to disparage the game. Despite these issues I found enough in the game's mystery and attention to the mundane to have an enjoyable experience. Beyond suffers from m...

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A Better Borderlands. 0

Borderlands 2 is not a game I expected to spend much time with. The first Borderlands was interesting for a few hours but quickly devolved into nothing more than an MMO style grind. The quests, characters, and story never became interesting to me. I am able to perceive that it would have been a good time in a co-op setting but I was never in position to play it that way. Instead of using story to propel you forward it relied heavily on its loot mechanic to keep your interest.I find myself less a...

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