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Hey, Patrick. Thank you for making a ton of content for us even though you're no longer at the office. It's all great!

I don't have a problem with solo Quick Looks, but it seems quite a lot of people just expect Quick Looks to have 2 or more people in them, and react badly to the idea of anything different.

People will get used to it if you just press forward, I'm sure, but if you want to mollify them now then you could probably just label them as something else. Maybe a new series, or maybe you can repurpose 'Worth Playing' into your own series of solo quick looks that might pop up more than once a week.

The San Francisco crew might register higher on the hilarity scale when they all get together, but when it comes to Giant Bomb helping me to discover new games I didn't even know existed, that's been all you, man. Singlehandedly. Keep up the good work.

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Patrick says "the narrative".

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Brad's DOTA 2 obsession is starting to worry me.

It seems like he can rant and rave about it for 10-15 minutes every Bombcast, even though the other guys groan and sigh every time it's brought up. No one cares except for him. And yet, once he gets started, it takes a forceful segue from Ryan to rescue us from the madness.

The man has gone off the rails! What's going to happen next week!?

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I apologize if this was brought up before.

Perhaps I am crazy but I seem to remember the shutdown of City of Heroes being displayed as an upcoming event on the main page when the news of the shutdown broke a couple months back.

I'm guessing plans changed? I spent a lot of time with CoH and it'd be fun to see the crew discuss it for a little bit tonight.

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I hope Jeff doesn't end up blaming himself for the whole thing.

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@Jumanji said:

It's also possible that their shares got purchased too... so that flush of optimism may be the flush of "oh my god I just paid off my mortgage if I wanted to ditch this shit tomorrow I could"

Anyone who has been following Gerstmann and company since the Gamespot incident in 2007 should easily be able to tell that all the positive energy in this video is highly exaggerated in order to make us feel more comfortable with the transition. There is no possible way that Jeff Gerstmann is honestly stoked out of his mind to work down the hallway from Gamespot for the same parent company.

All the forced grinning and false optimism simply does not compute when you consider the circumstances surrounding the creation of Giant Bomb and the surprise development at Whiskey Media today.

I'd be a little more optimistic if at some point in the last twenty years of gaming and gaming-related media, there had been an acquisition that turned out well for the group being acquired. However, there hasn't been, and though I like Giant Bomb I don't think they'll be the first to pull off the equivalent of a miracle.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

I really hate it when Jeff sits there and tries to sell me on something by being all PR-y and coy.

It comes across as very un-Jeff.

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In about 2 or 3 years we're going to start seeing GameSpot trying to absorb Giant Bomb fully into it. What use does CBS have for two massive gaming sites? It'll start gradually. Gamespot and Giant Bomb will collaborate on video reviews together. Giant Bomb will be asked to stop swearing. Games will only have one review across both sites, with Gamespot's opinion making up the body of the article and Giant Bomb's irreverent and zany opinion in an orange box at the bottom of the page. Then Gamespot will fully absorb Giant Bomb, first turning it into a sub-section of the main Gamespot site. One by one, the Giant Bomb team will become full Gamespot employees. Patrick Klepek will be the last one to go. For a full year he'll be the lonely old caretaker of the Giant Bomb page, posting a new article every three weeks. Then, eventually, even he will join Gamespot.

It is now fall 2016. The Giant Bomb subpage vanishes from Gamespot entirely. Jeff Gerstmann is once again unhappy with the corporate culture at Gamespot. This time, however, he is so very tired. He doesn't have any more fight left in him. The fans who followed him as he left Gamespot the first time are no longer around. No one cares about Gerstmann anymore. He writes one last review, giving a 8.2 to Call of Duty Extreme: Black Ops Nitro ("though flawed, Black Ops Nitro is a game with a lot of good ideas that will reward you if you're dedicated enough"), and adds a small postscript at the bottom of the review. "This is my last review for Gamespot. It's been a blast, guys."

He starts a blog on the internet about gaming, posts a couple times a week for three months, and then goes off the radar. Two years later, he grants an interview to a gaming podcast, where he reveals that he is working public relations for Linksys. He is never heard from again.

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@Osaladin said:

I'm not sure I liked how flippant they were about this entire thing on the stream. It seems fake for some reason, I mean this is some big news, couldn't they at least try to act a little serious?

They were acting like they were given a blank check from Gamespot. So pumped, so hyped. So far they haven't even addressed the possibility that people might have an issue with this flip-flop.

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What!? Why get back in bed with Gamespot!? This doesn't make any sense.

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