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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that GTA is still a big deal.

Anyway, time to brainstorm every city in the country associated with money for a week!

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@Droop: You took the words right out of my mouth.

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I'll probably get it. Never bought the PC version for whatever reason but the eShop is desperately in need of any games that aren't Let's Golf 3D so I'd be more than glad to represent an audience for them.

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My favorite would have to be Half-Life 2 and its episodes. Yeah, it's the cliched choice, but it's so densely-packed with great moments and so well-paced that it never stops being a blast.

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I put it on sleep when I'm not using it and I turn it off for the night. At least letting it sleep is too easy not to do.

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Not that often, actually. I loooove root beer and buy a cup whenever I'm seeing a movie and I often mix the soda fountains (which sometimes tastes great and sometimes like weird, fizzy punch) at cheap restaurants like Jersey Mike's, but I almost never drink soda at home. I prefer juice/tea/milk at home.

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For once, I hope it's another e-Reader or GBA connectivity cable.

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I don't plan on ever being a PSN+ subscriber and I hope that's true. You pay, you should get better service.

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Sometimes, yeah. Jeff's Duke Nukem impressions, Big Dog Pitbull radio voice and everything to do with Sherlock Holmes at  E3 2011 come to mind as some pretty "can't stop chuckling and smiling akwardly in public" moments.

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It's even clumsier for me. My 3DS doesn't play nice with my WiFi firewall and the router's been patched so that I can't disable it, so it's really hard to get my 3DS to download anything without going to someone else's house. I have to keep disconnecting my 3DS from my hotspot and then re-inputting the info so as to somehow kickstart it, which only works for one or two games until I have to do it all over again. 
But yeah, I guess it's still free video games.