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Oh man, what do I do? I'm only about 10 hours into P4, should I stop now and wait till The Golden or keep going? First world problems, man!

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I actually liked NGE and I'm not sure why. It made less sense the farther along it went, there were plot threads hanging loose all over the place, it was hard to root for any of the characters and EoE, which was supposed to serve as a reasonable conclusion, was almost abusive to the viewer. But there's something really raw about it, maybe in the craziness of the action scenes or how messed up the characters are or maybe I just like weird cartoons. I mean, I loved Paranoia Agent. 
Basically, you aren't "missing" anything. I guess it just didn't click with you.

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I signed it because that's easy. But I'd be very surprised to see this work. Getting a bunch of people online to click "sign" isn't exactly persuasive material for a developer that would need a lot of coaxing and good reasons to alter a decision they've already made months ago. 

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Well, I've been playing Deus Ex for a while and I decided to break out Harvest Moon: FoMT because I felt like that for no real reason. 
If it counts, I've also started listening to Idle Thumbs from the beginning. It's pretty great.

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My family in NY's safe and sound with power and water, so hopefully Irene isn't nearly as awful as it was made out to be.

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Well, there you have it. This is how video games are made.

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Put me on the list. 
I've watched a friend play Guild Wars for about 15 minutes. That's about as much experience as I've ever had with it.  That seems to have very little impact on how much I want to play this.

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Wind Waker is in my top five of all time. 
I'm sure Link's Crossbow Training is someone's favorite LoZ.

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@Seroth: I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers Kirby GC.
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I don't think the best solution to a console's "failure" (even though I don't believe that the 3DS is or has been, in any capacity, a failure) is to shut it down and start something brand new. I'd also be very surprised if Nintendo decided to plant on an extra circle pad, considering that a second analog stick is a huge deal if developers are currently only developing for one.  
If there's a redesign, it's going to be a better battery, a few aesthetic tweaks and a stronger hinge. Nothing as drastic as some rumors.