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I grew up with Kanto, so I probably picked that out of bias.

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This looks like a problem only Nintendo can fix if developers keep looking at the situation as a risky gamble. They're the only one guaranteed to release quality titles that will increase interest in the 3DS. It's a shame that the heavy hitters won't be around until at least the holidays.

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It's kind of depressing when a game isn't released (partially) due to a console not selling well, when the game itself would have been responsible for a lot of sales.

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A car alarm went off outside my house the moment I saw this thread name. True story.

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As long as it never happens again, I don't care how many songs she records.

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No. Video games are great, but they are what they are, a.k.a. games on your TV. They're great when you're bored, but, despite what incredible worlds they can construct, they're just one small aspect of a world even greater.

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Whatever MMO I'm currently into or something where I have to do a lot of grinding or at least not devote all of my concentration to what's going on at the moment in-game.

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Lego or MMO. I mean, Pirates of the Caribbean got both of those treatments and there's already been a Lego Harry Potter a couple of years ago.

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Wow, I didn't even know they were still together since Frusciante left. I'm glad that they're still going strong and this single sounds much better than I would expect after a hiatus, especially after losing such a great guitarist.