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Aah yes, Michael Madsen of Celebrity Big Brother fame

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This better mean Giant Bomb World Tour is a-go again.

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It will tear into the Irrational Games offices, where they will have just finished production of "Bioshock Infinite". Ken Levine will then fall into Columbia through the tear and all hell will break loose.

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@astromanz: I was born in 1994, my good man, and the first one I played was Wipeout 64. Maybe it just wasn't my style, I never quite perfected driving at that speed.
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Cool, I've never been a big fan of the Wipeout series, it always seemed more suited to portable gaming IMO

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@shinigami420 said:
This fanmade box art looks much better  IMO 
So much better, but maybe I just prefer covers that are a little more minimalistic
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@EVO said:
Logo aside it's pretty terrible box art.
Yeah, I'm quite glad I'm getting it on Steam now.
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Babelfish puzzle better be back
Also, Steven Fry's version of the intro gives me goosbumps:

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@ryanwho said:
" Wheatley was fine, internet.
Also the IT Crowd is fucking dumb. Its English Big Bang Theory.
I was about to nerdrage on this, but I'll just put it down in three points:
- IT Crowd was created first by almost a year
- Written by Graham Linehan, one of the people behind Father Ted and Black Books
- British Humor, may not appeal