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all the best Pete, but you are a Kook.

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people make me smile when anything new scares them. im sure capcom will try and balance the new system, cant blame them for trying somthing new. and in regards to the money making DLC, if you can't justify spending the money then here is a solution, dont buy it. i can hardly imagine there will be a gem out there that is game breaking.

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ta bab :P

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this is good news. i like competative multiplayer but some times it gets too much. will definately prolong the life of this game

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saving private Carmine

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id be happy with Karin, Alex, Yun, Yang, in fact any other SFIII character

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AAH! why does a explenation about the bosses names apear in every friggin street fighter thread?!
im shocked about this news! im worried that all these characters may jeopardize the balance, though if anyone can pull it off its capcom.
@Figcoinc said:


looool lets fight like gentlmen
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makes me want to buy a ps3!

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im definatly not paying that much for it, but i wont be surprized if it still goes to number one in the uk game chart! sometimes i think we kick ourselves in the bleedin teeth.

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a friend linked me this article today and it has understandably made us both very angry. 
im not going to get this game now in protest as i fear if it goes to number one all publishers will follow suit.
we in the uk pay alot more for games as it is, and the quote from Activision just takes the piss, why should we just pay for it?!?

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