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Thank you muchly.

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The suggestion of a Persona 4 remake-thing is enough to get me excited.

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Okay, so I just got a new Xbox 360 S to replace my old one that has broken. However, my old broken one with all my stuff is at college, and the new one is here with me. The question is what to do about this. I want to play Skyrim, but I also want to get my stuff moved onto this eventually. If I recover my gamertag onto this Xbox until I can get a transfer cable, will that cause any massive problems?

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I don't think anyone is offended when people say Merry Christmas. What I do think offends people is when you say Merry Christmas in a threatening way, or say it because you "aren't PC." If someone says Merry Christmas to me, I respond in kind, but if I don't know what someone celebrates, I say Happy Holidays. it's really simple.

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Finally got a new Xbox 360 to replace my broken one, Skyrim and Dark Souls, Freaks and Geeks box set, Mega Man 4...and bought myself a Whiskey Media subscription.