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WTF? I come online giddy that this is Tuesday, so I can go through my weekly routine of listening to bombcast, and this is the news I find out.

I must've checked my calender about 10 times, to make sure today was not April 1st.

I know it doesn't mean much, but my life officially got much worse with this news.

All I can say is that, Ryan, you will always be remembered and missed by me.

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well I'm glad I never bought Infamous and Dead Nation.

Two games I was sorta interested, but ended up not getting.

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What can the developers possibly do to this game to attract fans? SCIV is out there now, and if this game don't have some massive upgrade in gameplay AND extras, then I just don't see the appeal...

I would've much more preferred if they said "We will make a serious Dragonball fighting game!"

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I feel Jeff and Vinny TRIES to enjoy the game.
While Brad and Ryan seems more like stuck doing this because it's their job.
Would be nice if they keep more of open mind about this, but then again the different attitude for different team is what makes it interesting. 
So in my mind, I get to see how cool people would approach this game (VJ) and how a typical American gamers would approach this game (BR)

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Seen Death Note, Last Exile, Texhnolyze, Now and Then, Here and There.
I was really disappointed with Death Note (2nd half SUCKED)
Loved Last Exile
Not a big fan of Texhnolyze and Now and Then, Here and There. 
Haven't seen Guvyer and Immortalsaiyan. Will check out those two.

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haven't seen record of lodoss war and ancient book of Ys.
Thanks I'll try those. 
Have seen Hellsing, Bastard!, Fist of North Star, and Devilman. Hellsing and Bastard was great. Not a big fan of latter two. 
It's been great help guys. Would appreciate if you guys post more for further reference.

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Yeah I love Claymore. Been keeping up with manga as well. 
If it's recent, there's good chance I've seen it. 
I'm looking for something I might've over-looked back in the days when it was difficult to find anime.

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I've seen Trigun, Basilisk, and Ninja Scroll. 
Something like Trigun is what I'd be interested.  (btw also watched Desert Punk just in case)
Basilisk not so much as it lacks details to it's story. 
Never was a fan of Ninja Scroll.
Thanks for infos, but anything else?

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Loved Berserk, and yes that's the type of anime I'm looking for.
The drama, strategic elements, romance, magical, etc was great. 
But again unfortunately, I've seen it.

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^Sorry watched that too.