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I've been a video gamer for a long time now, well over 20yrs and this news just made me shoot my load on my pants for the first time...

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There is an article in Joystiq called The Dunkin Chronicles you should read about:

The part that really makes you want to smack that guy is the first post on the comments:

Courtney A. Martin said, "As the wife of a now former 38 employee, all I can say is that employees had been given zero FACTUAL information over the last 14 days. It was obvious enough that it was a pretty dire situation. I think that the optimism you saw was less sincere hope for the miraculous survival of the company than it was these two things:

1. A refusal to panic until they actually knew what was happening.

2. A well-intended device to keep up the morale of their fellow coworkers---who were all suddenly faced with struggling to pay rent after not getting paid for a month. It was very much a Keep Calm and stick together situation.

It's not that they thought things couldn't unravel---they know the risks inherent in the video game industry. What we didn't foresee, however was how suddenly it would all come to a screeching halt, and how poorly management would handle it. Everyone was pretty calm a week ago. But the more they learned, the more angry they have become. To be unpaid for three weeks of work, lose your insurance, and then get laid-off VIA EMAIL---without any prior warning that all was not well in the company sure as hell pisses us off. It's the worst case scenario for everyone involved, but the way it was handled was unbelievably atrocious. You don't just run out of money overnight. They KNEW, and they kept us all in the dark."

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any more updates on this?

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@Funkydupe said:

Hi guys.

• Open Beta Test (Open Event):

Friday, April 20 @ 12:00 PM PDT - Monday, April 23 @ 11:59 PM PDT

To start your TERA adventure:

1. Create your En Masse account at

2. Use the “Enter Code” feature on the Account Overview page to type in your game code: TERABETA

3. Download TERA from the Account Overview page and install.

4. Play TERA!

If you pre-ordered the game though you can start playing the OB on Thurday April 19th.

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Ok lets try this again, this time with more beef so the moderators dont get iffy.

Recently I built a distribution of Windows 7 SP1 that had all my drivers, configuration settings, updates etc. In case I had to wipe my computer clean and start from scratch. I also pulled a "Steve Jobs" and elimindated several complications from the installation and I made my distro boot from a 32GB USB ThumbDrive I had lying around with much use. Everything is working great and I got a real nice config of all my current hardware without anymore hassles.

I also found a very cool modification to the actual GUI of windows 7 and after contacting the author for permition he let me slipstream it into my installation, since I am not massively distributing it or anything. The author's name is Neuropass and he built a full set of graphics, loading screens etc. for Windows 7. The theme he chose to represent was the ROG or Republic of Gamers (an Asus product that focuses on high end gaming rigs). The modifications were fairly complete and almost nothing was missing. One thing though was that the browser I currently use, Chrome didnt have a dedicated skin.

Quite frankly I thought after building my slipstreamed Windows Installation, building the theme was going to be a sinch. Well its not exactly THAT easy. For all the information Google has they have a very poorly build wiki on how to do theming for Chrome. I built the whole thing perfectly following some instructions I found on the InnerWebz. Still my theme wouldn't load. I spenk possibly like 4hrs testing and uploading until by accident I compressed the theme including the image folder where the images for the theme are stored and VOILA! it worked.

Being the cool guy I am, I wanted to share the theme I made for Chrome with other fellow gamers. It's free and it has been well received in the Chrome Theme community as the other two themes that use "Republic of Gamers" design dont look too sharp. I hope you all like it and enjoy it.

Sorry If I bored you with my windows imaging skills, a moderator locked my previous post because according to him, "Sorry but threads which simply consist of links and little to no original commentary are considered spam and are against the forum rules."

So without further ado:

ROG: Republic of Gamers Theme for Google Chrome


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Bounty Hunter. I can't wait to take on some Jedi patsy's with their lightsabers and knock em out with good ol'fashioned Pew Pew Guns...

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This is wrong. Everybody knows that were Giantbomb a part of the Star Wars era it would be an Empire Guild on a PVP server...

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This reply might seem out of topic-ish but bear with me. I was talking with a friend of mine who works at Valve about this the other day. While Steam offers a great distribution platform, it lacks of a way for people who buy a game to share their thoughts on it on the game page itself. I am not talking about going to the forums and digging through a bunch of posts. I am talking something like iTunes has where you can actually read how good or bad a game is from the game page. I am surprised Steam hasn't coughed something like this before.

With the issue the OP brought on I think he is right on! Its a pity we will never know for sure if someone from UBISoft will ever read this complaint and do something about it. One of the first things I noticed about Anno 2070 was that some of UBISoft's own network streaming content was not working appropiately. I havent experienced any lock on glitches where I cant progress on the story line (aside from being stuck on Chapter 2, where the guy who picks up the tools never showed up). I had never played a game of Anno before and this one I am enjoying it. It feels the gap Skyrim left open.

I think the best way for game company's to change their godly attitude is for gamers to not buy their games. The best way to do it is for people to be able to vote for or against the game in their favorite deployment platform (Steam, etc). If you dont buy their game its worse for them than Piracy. So do it.

Oh and Ubisoft... Fuck you too.

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Just wanted to let everyone know, now you can reach Firstborn through our Google+ Page. To find us on google plus simply search for FIRSTBORN or click on this link and add us to a circle in your Google+ account (for example on mine its the SWTOR MMO circle). That way any notification we put in the guild page will show up in your profile.

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