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"I want a Final Fantasy XIV key" I wanna try out those cat ladies XD

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Well considering I have only ZombieU for my Wii U, I'd like to have a reason to play that damn system again... and probably get it down the line for PC on steam.

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When I looked at the title, I thought I read Warface for some reason XD

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How are you guys getting the change? my screen is still the same ol'site as it was before...

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This Just happened to me as well =/ I'm on a GTX 660 ti, been playing for a solid hour and this graphic's glitch started to rear it's ugly head at me...

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I think the PC version and its mods add a whole different experience that you would never be able to experience on the 360. Plus with the Black Friday Sale on steam, why not?

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I'm really jealous here, why did the console have to come out two weeks later in the UK!?

Cause we are a bunch of spoiled brats when it comes to Black Friday.

I didn't even manage to pre-order it, so I'm just going to have to be super lucky!

Neither did I but I called every store that would carry them the moment they opened. You should do the same.

Honestly I didn't preorder my Deluxe and got it by chance when I was doing my grocery shopping at a supermarket here in Canada. But I hope you duders have the same luck as I did!

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Network ID is: Todoki

Add me up guys :D I want some zombies to kill!

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I remember vividly walking down a trail in the woods near my neighborhood with a couple of friends. We were heading to a convenience store that was on the other side of the trail. About mid-way on this trail, we came across this pretty beat-up box that was almost the size of microwave box. With closer inspection, inside this box was filled to the brim of Hardcore porn magazines and posters, we at an age of only 13 was fucking excited/weird'd out. But as we went closer to check it out we neglected in see the dirty hobo that was sleeping next to the box. The hobo wakes up with a dazed mumble and said something in the lines of "Waazzz'at?", we all looked at each other and then at the hobo and ran the Fuck out of there in fear of getting raped... So ya, Porn in the woods.

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I own a pair of A40s as well. They aren't that flimsy, though being careful with them is always a good idea. The A40 that I own are wired so more wires going around and no battery or charging but the A50 only comes wireless, so you'll need to be bothered to keep them charged when not in use.