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I have all of the 29 files downloaded and i still crash...even when i go to the options menu to try and change the controls, it insta-kick me to desktop.

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I'd like to have Life is Strange if I may? :D

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That's a nice gesture of you! I'd like a chance at getting a key :D

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"I want a Final Fantasy XIV key" I wanna try out those cat ladies XD

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Well considering I have only ZombieU for my Wii U, I'd like to have a reason to play that damn system again... and probably get it down the line for PC on steam.

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When I looked at the title, I thought I read Warface for some reason XD

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How are you guys getting the change? my screen is still the same ol'site as it was before...

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This Just happened to me as well =/ I'm on a GTX 660 ti, been playing for a solid hour and this graphic's glitch started to rear it's ugly head at me...

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I think the PC version and its mods add a whole different experience that you would never be able to experience on the 360. Plus with the Black Friday Sale on steam, why not?

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I'm really jealous here, why did the console have to come out two weeks later in the UK!?

Cause we are a bunch of spoiled brats when it comes to Black Friday.

I didn't even manage to pre-order it, so I'm just going to have to be super lucky!

Neither did I but I called every store that would carry them the moment they opened. You should do the same.

Honestly I didn't preorder my Deluxe and got it by chance when I was doing my grocery shopping at a supermarket here in Canada. But I hope you duders have the same luck as I did!