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It all depends on if giantbombing creates some stuff I want to have, I'm not gonna buy stuff just because of who the creator is. 
Also, isnt giantbombing just Jeff's own xbl account? when he worked at gamespot his xbl name was gamespotting.
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Im curious about what this last figurine is, it's the only one i havent gotten yet, and i dont really feel like S-ranking all the mission just to see what it is atm. So can someone tell me what it is? as far as i can see, the other 45 figures covers all the characters i've seen in the game, unless of course figurine 46 is a critter like a chicken? :P

Think anyone could be kind enough to tell me?

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creamclouds said:
"Jedted said:
I hope they do release it on PS3. Maybe it'll handle the awesome power of a Mass Effect sequel, better than a 360 will ever do. Mass Effect was really pushing the 360's hardware.
probably one of the reasons my 360 FAILED."
Joke post?

Anyway I dont really think anyone can be surprised about it seeing as bioware is now owned by EA, king of multiplat.
I also dont really care if it's released on the PS3, I will still be able to play the game on my pc at a higher res and better framerate than either the 360 or ps3 version :)
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I doubt it, I think it will most likely be released on the same systems that Dead Space was released on, PS3, 360 and PC.

We've seen time and time again that "hardcore" titles dont do to well on anything other than the 3 above mentioned systems.
So I doubt EA will spend resources and manpower on porting it to a system where the odds of it turning a worthwhile profit is relatively low.

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So yeah, how do i get the laugh emote? not the scary laugh btw. I trying to unlock one of the demon doors and sorta need to have this emote to be able to open it :/

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I say Goddamn!

Main character looks like she'll be even more over the top than Dante or Nero, which is an awesome thing :D

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MasturbatingBear said:
"I don't know. For some odd reason I have been prevented from going to a store and picking this up. My local gamestop said that they don't have any copies, guess they must have sold out. But seeing as your asking other people who haven't played ill give you the answer you want. what?"
Maybe my english is a bit rusty, but... wat?
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So yeah, in Oblivion the enemies would level up and become stronger at roughly the same pace that you yourself did, I'm just curious if anyone knows if this will be the case in Fallout 3 as well. Would REALLY be a bummer if that were the case, I can just imaging having played 50 hours and have gotten some pretty slick gear and abilites, and somehow the same enemies that gave you trouble at the very start of the game are still causing you trouble... urgh

But yeah, the question, if you know the answer, please do tell :)

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I thinks it wierd that the halo series seems to be either a love or hate relationship, a lot of people say they think halo is horrible, yet will say that CoD4's campaign which is 100% scripted and filled with invisible checkpoints to stop the infinite enemy spawn waves is a totally awesome experience.

btw is the OP the guy in the video?

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Cant remember its name, but I've never gotten the achievement in devil may cry 4 where you have to A-rank all the missions on the DMD setting, only achievement I dont have in the game :P