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Fuck. Off. What a load of horse shit. This kinda exclusivity crap has to stop.

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Snatcher 2.

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Time Crisis Razing Storm is the best light gun game you can get on PS3. It's best played with the Move controller rather than the shitty Guncon. Other than that, there's very little else in terms of light gun games on the PS3. Hope that helps.

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Having only just watched Fast 6 a couple of days ago, this news has left me feeling numb.

The Fast and Furious movies always entertain and is one of the best movie series' of the 21st century.

Running Scared was one of Paul's most underrated movies of his career and should definitely be checked out.

My thoughts and love go to Paul's family and friends. You'll be greatly missed.

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Thanks for the update guys.

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I've not heard much about these two games since everything changed with Driveclub not being available. It seems that Contrast (replacement to Driveclub) and Resogun have seen more media coverage than the original free titles announced by Sony. Understandable as Resogun is a PS4 exclusive and Contrast is a new release, unlike Outlast and Don't starve which have been on PC for awhile.

Can anyone shine some light on this ?


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...I can't believe this has happened...

You'll be greatly missed Ryan Davis.

My thoughts and love go to all his family and friends.

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The game was incredible for its level of detail.

You'll notice in the final cut scene that Joel touches his watch indicating his thinking of the past and the obvious loss of his daughter.

Just an amazing game on so many levels.