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So, in my procrastination to listen to the most recent Bombcast I've come late to this topic. However, the discussion about missing Freespace/Descent and wanting another one has gotten me to post on the boards for the first time ever -- as opposed to simply lurking. A post about what? About Jumpgate Evolution, which is the third MMO from NetDevil -- the guys who made Jumpgate and Auto Assault.

Now, I know there will probably be some people down on Auto Assault. But there's one thing I'd like to make clear about why that game and both Jumpgate and JGE are different: NCsoft. Not only did NCsoft have some influence over AA's development, but they -- like with Tabula Rasa -- were the reason the game was shut down. In fact, NetDevil offered to purchase the entirity of Auto Assault from NCsoft, who declined and instead just shut it all down.

Anyhow, instead of making a long post about why you should check this game out, I'll just throw up some useful links with videos and such!

Why Sci-fi Geeks Need to Experience Jumpgate Evolution

A Visit To NetDevil: Hands On With Jumpgate Evolution

As it stands now, the game is still looking at a Spring 2009 launch.

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We'll see. I remain skeptical until it's announced.