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I was playing at a basketball camp in high school. During the late night games (after 8 or so), got elbowed in the mouth. Took a minute to realize that my braces were impaled through my upper lip. The way they were stuck made pulling my lip out a non-starter; it would have been a bloody mess. Coach took me to the nearby hospital to hopefully do a couple of quick slices with a scalpel to get my upper lip free.

The hospital was basically closed for the night, so I waited for the doctor to get everything ready to do the procedure. First, doc numbs my lip from the right side. Then starts cutting from the left. I immediately felt quite severe pain. I didn't figure it out right away, but the left side of my lip was not numbed. I just laid there while she cut my lip off of my braces. It was incredibly painful, but I was unable to speak and afraid to move because there was a sharp knife moving around in my mouth. So I just squeezed the hell out of the handles on the side of the bed, and shot angry eye daggers at the doc. A couple of minutes in, she got to the part that was numb, and all was okay. Hearing the scalpel scrape against my teeth was a little bit weird, but I was so grateful that the anesthetic was working on the rest of my lip that I didn't care at all.

Wow, there are some gnarly ones here. I think the worst are the ones where you guys have to suffer for hours or days. Intense pain is bad, but if it is over relatively quickly, it's not a big deal. The ones that last are another matter.

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The MW, like all things, is not a free lunch, but a trade off.

How many of those families exist? Are you sure that helping the current ones at the expense of future ones is worth it?

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Those were all the norm before they were the law. The laws were mostly epiphenominal.

Put another way, those laws couldn't be passed until enough people were for them, and by that time the marketplace had already adjusted and implemented them before the laws were enforced.

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Minimum wage labor is a small (5-10%) part of the cost of most products and services, even at places like Walmart and McD. So prices won't change much.

But it will result in smaller benefits for those making the higher MW, and a significant reduction in the rate of minimum wage job creation.

Basically, a minimum wage increase is mostly good for those already making that wage, and bad for those looking for such jobs in the future.

You can think of it as condensing the suffering from many low wage earners into a few future unemployed people.

Since those people don't speak up because they don't know who they are yet, MW laws pass.

Like with rent and price controls, the people who benefit are visible and those that will be hurt are unseen, so we keep repeating the cycle.

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You can't answer this question until you are dead. And by then, you are dead, so it doesn't matter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that happiness depends less on accomplishments than on future expectations. It's less about how many chickens you own today, than how many you might own tomorrow.

To be happier, worry less about scoring big touchdowns, and just keep trying to get first downs on short running plays.

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I have taken to buying games on stream that I enjoyed on consoles, just out of respect.

But yeah, I play about 70% of the game I buy. I want to play them all, but stupid real life intrudes!

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In a few years, can we replace Ryan with a totally different blond guy and act like everything is fine?

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@Sherban: FZ thinks only 3 variables matter? Sorry, but the notion that its gun laws (at least those commonly proffered) is easily disproven by history. Rebanning AW or limiting magazine sizes are feel good measures. WtFu indeed. Having the same laws doesn't bring the same results. There really aren't easy solutions unless you ignore secondary consequences.

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Joe Biden is Walter Mitty. He is a good BS artist, but he is the last person I would want to head something like this. Though these dog and pony shows don't accomplish anything anyway. At least this one will end in nothing but feelings and awareness raising, instead of more mindless scapegoating.

And, as per usual, one group (NRA) responds to hysterical scapegoating by....scapegoating the next most popular target!

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have your mom proofread these hoaxes before you try them.

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