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Ryan - 0705-2635-9033

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Ryan - 0705-2635-9033

I guess Animal Crossing is mostly the reason I'm tossing my name on here.

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I checked every store in town today and the only place that had it was Gamestop. The problem is that they only had one copy and it was reserved. I was annoyed as if that guy hadn't picked up his copy three days after it came out it should be fair game. I came home disappointed because even Amazon didn't have it and with a snowstorm going strong outside I wasn't willing to drive anywhere(my friend and I actually slid off the road into a ditch on the way home) over an hour away to get a copy so I happily bought the digital version and then slept all day while it downloaded for about 8 hours. I don't have a huge PS3 library so the 22 gigs doesn't bother me.

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Battletag: Trilleong#1305

Difficulty: All of them

Region: US

Class: Most likely Wizard

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The worst part about all this crazy shit it that I have no one outside of the internet to discuss it with. My brain has just exploded and there is no way to properly freak out. Tested working with Mythbusters? Holy shit! Also I'm the only person that I know who even knows about the whole GerstmannGate thing let alone cares about it.

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I'm not 100% on buying a Vita yet, but I won't be picking this up unless it is months from now and it is less than $30.

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Party time in the Giant Bomb comments? Let's do this!

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I just bought the pack. While I owned both on the 360 at one point, I wanted Oblivion and New Vegas + DLC and when that added up to $50 I decided it was worth the extra $20 to get everything else even though I might never play them. Such is the power of a Steam sale.

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I personally didn't care who won the cover, but I had two friends who seems to think the Madden cover is some prestigious award and didn't want Hillis on the cover--one even says he won't buy it if Hillis is on the cover and will soon prove himself a liar--because he didn't "deserve it" so I am pretty happy with this.

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Thanks to the Kotaku mess a few months ago I have changed e-mail addresses and passwords of just about everything, but I left my PSN account on the old e-mail address since I only owned a PSP and didn't need it. I can't remember, but I'm hoping I never entered my debit card info. They may have everything else, but at least they don't have that. Damn internet.