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I didn't even know they were still making Samurai Warriors games. I've only ever played the first one.

This may be a minor thing to complain about, but why must they place the dialogue text in the middle of the screen during battles? Warriors games have always been very chatty, so there's just this fat, solid dialogue box covering up the action in the middle of the screen for a majority of the time. Again, perhaps I'm just nitpicking, but there's better real estate that they could put it such as the top left or bottom right corners. I don't know why it's bothering me now as I would imagine this isn't the first warriors game that's had it.

After looking at some DW:8 gameplay, it doesn't seem as egregious as the dialogue box isn't so centered as it is here.

Anyway, the dual character thing intrigues me the most. Does the other character follow you around like your guards did in DW:(4?), or does it go off into other areas of the battlefield? I also wonder if you can set the AI character to clear out a specific area or if it's totally independent until you switch to it. How would it work with Coop? I never played SW on 3DS so I'm not familiar with the system.

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Incidents like this are why I'll never even contemplate touching a project on Kickstarter. It's kind of sad that brazen incompetency is so well protected on that website, outside of legal action. It just seems like for every genuine company of talented people making a great game, there's another who lacks any respect for their backers or the project at hand.

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I've already raided Naxxramas! ...Wait...where am I?!

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It's not tetris. I've never felt comfortable giving a game some accolade like "best game ever!!" based on how simple it is. It just feels like a cheap and easy answer to say that a game that you could not even enjoy is the best game ever because it's simple enough to not have a flaw. It rules out so many other great games that dared to do something more grand and innovative. Don't get me wrong, tetris is fucking awesome (imo), but I could never consider it the game of the decade, or best game ever. That being said...

@sravankb said:

There is no objective answer to this question.

This is actually how I feel about stuff like this, and that's why I can never get down with the idea that tetris, or other games like it, are the objective answer. I feel like most people saying that it's tetris are doing so out of what they feel is an objective obligation. Ultimately there is no objective answer, and even when I try to play devil's advocate in my head and try to think of one, it's all boring answers of games I don't actually feel are worthy of that status. There are plenty of subjective answers though! I'm not sure I've ever really nailed down my answer to this, but I think very highly of games like Super Mario 64 and Counter Strike. Counter strike feels like a weird answer for me because it was released in 1999, but when people think Counter strike, they think 1.6 (released in 2003). It's also a game that people really played outside of 1999 so maybe its not a great fit for the 20th century. Ocarina of Time would be another one of my favorites, although it's kind of an cliche answer.

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Preorder DLC goes one of two ways, and you mentioned both in your article. It's either useless gun skins/ something else not really worth having, or, it's significant content that's going to be sold as regular ass dlc down the road. They're not going to bust their asses to make some really cool content, only to have a fraction of the audience be able to actually play it. I guess I just don't see where I'm supposed to be outraged or even mildly upset. Awesome games have all kinds of shitty preorder or retail specific bonuses, so that means that Sega isn't necessarily panic selling us something in order to secure preorders. Preorders are going to be something companies value for a long time because it looks good to investors, shareholders, etc. "Holy beans, guys! Look at how excited people are for our gaaame!" I wouldn't be surprised if that translates/evolves into some other form the deeper we get into the digital age, but I don't see it completely going away.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Patrick. Today isn't an easy day for most of us, but it's especially hard for yourself, I have to imagine. I wish I had something more meaningful to say...but thanks. <3

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I miss that man very dearly.

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