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@cooljammer00: Until we hire Patrick's replacement, I think I'm your everything video game news guy for the time being.

You are the wind beneath our wings.

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As far as 2014 releases in 2015, it's probably going to be Divinity: Original Sin for me. A game of that length can be kind of tough to just jump into, but I always love a beefy rpg. It's probably my biggest omission from 2014, considering how strongly I feel for the genre. Bayonetta is on the list for me as well, but me not having a WiiU is the culprit, rather than a lack of time.

I also never got around to Wolfenstein, but that mostly came from me disregarding it out of no prior feelings for past entries, as well as not taking the praise it got when it came out too seriously. For some reason it's gotten A LOT of praise during GOTY from many people to the point where my interest is peaked. I'm still not sure if that has more to do with it being sort of a weak year for games, or if people really feel that strongly about it.

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The Witcher 3

Hotline Miami 2

No Man's Sky

Halo 5

The Witness (Maybe 2015?)

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Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

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Master Chief collection was broken because it was rushed. Personally, I don't think they're rushing Halo 5, especially after what happened in the last few months. Also, halo 4 wasn't broken at all from what I remember.

Now, that's not to say that waiting to see if it's broken or not before buying is a bad idea. I just don't think Halo 5 is different than any other game at this point. If you're unwilling to buy Halo 5 at launch, you should probably treat most major releases that way. My only hope is developers and publishers got all this foolish competitive rush to get games on their systems...out of their systems. It's caused nothing but trouble. Finish your fucking games.

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@ripelivejam: I know. I just wish people demanded better working games from the start, and faster. If broken games didn't take months to fix with nebulous patch release dates, or if they launched stable, people wouldn't be mad to begin with. I'm not naive enough to think that games are going to suddenly stop being released broken, but I also don't want companies thinking that a free dlc or game is the solution to keeping their players happy. It's been happening too frequently in the last couple of years.

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I'd rather companies just fix their broken games (or ship ones that aren't broken to begin with), rather than try to dispel people's frustration with shiny freebies. I mean, it's a nice gesture, but I can't help feel that companies are leaning more and more on the "give em free shit" technique. Judging by the response this tactic usually gets, I wouldn't be surprised to see it keep happening. I guess I just don't want developers/publishers to feel that all will be well if they throw in some free dlc or a game. Just fix the game in a timely manner.

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@sethphotopoulos: I mean, they are all just Lets Plays. The only difference is branding. Perhaps in the beginning the concept was to go until you can no longer play it, but because they just played every game to completion, that rule is ultimately meaningless. The upload rate is a change, but the result is the same, a full play through of a chosen game. Metal Gear Scanlon is an endurance run because it is also a Lets Play, just like P4 was.

The fact that Endurance Runs had new content every weekday is not a trivial detail. They define what Endurance Runs are, and they have stuck to it. Judging them liars just because some of their premium content shares one characteristic of ERs seems really selfish.

If they said "Hey we are doing a new endurance run!" and they only put out one episode a week, you don't think people would be pretty surprised and disappointed by that?

Edit: It's basically the square/rectangle distinction. All ERs are "Let's Plays", not all "Let's Plays" are endurance runs.

I'll preface this with saying that I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I'm gonna shoot off some of my feelings on the topic. I apologize if they seem a bit scatter brained.

I think the argument of whether or not Metal Gear playthroughs that Drew and Dan have been doing can be considered "endurance runs" or "lets plays" is an interesting one, but I'm not convinced that there's much of of a difference in what they really are. I mean, ER's were mostly recorded on the same day, and then drip fed each day throughout the week, but the "endurance" part had nothing to do with the release schedule or how it was recorded. Rather, it was the idea that they would play through the game as long as they could before giving up. Reaching the end was not a guarantee, however a lot of people took that for granted once P4 reached a sort of fever pitch level of popularity with the users. Remember how hard Vinny worked to save episode 50? Think he would work that hard to save episode 3? I think the rules sort of evolved half way through that thing. The stakes were raised. I mean, if you go back and watch the first episodes, they have this attitude like "well, we'll see how this goes, I dunno this game is super long". My point is that the P4 ER journey started off with sort of hazy intentions, and evolved into one of the biggest and most asked for features on the the point where the crew seem agitated when it was brought up.

That being said, Metal Gear Scanlon isn't the first time they played through a game start to finished as a premium feature. Let's not forget about Phantasmagoria (to this day one of my favorite things they've done on the site). I don't recall anyone making a big stink about that. But, it only lasted one day and wasn't a repeated feature like MGS is. So maybe different people categorize content differently? Does the fluid nature of "we do what, when, why, and how we want" attitude to content creation on this site leave things sort of open to interpretation? I don't know. Just something to think about.

To be clear, I don't think anyone should be calling the crew "liars". I don't think they're doing anything malicious here. Shit just changes. This website doesn't have all the same people working for it that it did when a lot of this stuff started out. I don't think they owe us anything when it comes to free content.

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Also Life by Des'ree also gets merit for the one of the most retarded verses known to man.

I’m afraid of the dark,

‘specially when I’m in a park

And there’s no-one else around,

Ooh, I get the shivers.

I don’t want to see a ghost,

It’s a sight that I fear most.

I’d rather have a piece of toast

I had to go listen to this song because I simply didn't want to believe you. Not only are those the lyrics, they're immediately followed by one of the most laziest choruses I've heard. "Life..oh liiiiife...oh life dooo ah doo doo doo" repeated a few times over. (the chorus only gets worse as it goes on)

After that she proceeds to commit the mortal sin of pop lyricism...rhyming girl with world. "I'm a superstitious girl, I'm the worst in the world."

What a horrendous song.

Thankfully, Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" was in the side bar so I was able to wash that junk out of my brain with some good music.

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I'm not sure I consider Jeff to be the epitome of "trending". Dudes been doing this shit for a long ass time! He's an industry veteran! I have a hard time imagining he's that popular outside of this website as well. What a weird category.

Also, it's really sad how many people throw Total Biscuit and anyone who likes him under the bus as "youtube kiddie" or "gamer gater". Don't be so fucking close minded. That kind of "with me or against me" thought process really grinds my gears, and it's why the topic will forever be a wasteland of nonconstructive bickering.