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I didn't really like the Skate 2 demo but now that I'm playing the full game it really is awesome.  I love the trick guide, now I can actually do what tricks I'm trying to do almost every time.  I love skate 2!

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lemme guess...You're an only child?

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Build you own computer for gaming and get a cheap laptop for basic stuff.  This is your best cost effective solution.  However if you have a lot of extra cash then go ahead and buy a Macbook and an alienware.   Vista isn't that bad anymore now that the service pack is out and most of the bugs have been delt with.

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Pure Awesome.

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Eh, I don't really care that much.  I'm going to be playing the hell out of Left 4 Dead so TF2 is not even gonna be on my mind anymore.

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You don't need to upgrade every two years and it definetly doesn't cost $1500 becaues if it did, I wouldn't be PC gaming.  Get your facts straight with the prices before you go saying how PC gaming is absurdly expensive.  You could buy a computer right now for $800 and it would run any game for the next 4 years and you wouldn't have to upgrade unless you wanted to.

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Did you check to see if you card is overheating or underpowered?

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I tried to disable the lighting options but when I click the icon it doesn't do anything.  It just stays checked.  Must be a bug.

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If you can I would get 2x2GB sticks so you can add more later as if you used 4x1GB you would have no more room to put more ram in.  Having only 2 sticks will also be easier to keep stable if you plan to overclock your CPU.   The reason you might see decreased performance in warhead is because your CPU is calculating the AI and physics a lot more so than in Wars.

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yes, yes it does.  Now go to your room to think about what you did!

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