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Destiny mostly. Also Dota but I always play Dota. Shadow of Mordor is pretty sweet too.

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I thought about it but I don't really want another subscription to pay for...I would probably try it if I was better off financially but as a part-timer/college student I can't exactly afford to have another $15 a month.

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I've got a medic on Warbringer named Aleta. Currently in queue though so I can't join the guild at the moment.

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I echo the sentiment that you should probably get Dead Rising 3 of the two. I have yet to play Dead Rising but having played Day Z I would have to recommend waiting until the game is more of a game than it is at the moment.

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Yes it is a very good game. The gameplay can feel a little clunky these days as its not the most modern game but the story and atmosphere are top notch.

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Wow that seems like an unreasonable reaction. I mean why would I want to listen to a podcast that spoiled things I want to play, or watch or read. I'm not going to send someone an angry email about it but still I wouldn't really like it if they did.

Also why would you want to listen to a podcast where people describe things that happen in media? Seems to me like you would be better suited to enjoying the media instead of listening to someone else's thoughts on it.

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Same issue here but I think its just a PSN issue right now. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

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Dota 2. About 800 hours so far. Been playing it off and on since the beta started.

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My favorite tea is a good cup of Yunnan. Pretty much any of the variations from that region. If I go green I always go gunpowder though.

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Console launches always suck. Its just a fact of life. Wait until next year to pass judgement.