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I am looking forward to playing with the new features, but I'm not in love with the actual wrestling engine they use. I hope they add some refinements there.
Anything will be better than 08's game though, ugh

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I played the demo a bit more last night, had a fun moment. I tried to line up a huge hit on someone on the boards but they moved and I missed. My player crashed into the boards and got knocked on his ass, and the announcers commented on it. 
I love all the little details added into this years game, except for the after the whistle stuff. I want some way to just skip to the next faceoff, I don't want to see a huge scrum after the whistle every single time.

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So I figured we might as well discuss the demo until the game comes out! 
I am really impressed with the Hardcore mode so far. To me it's almost perfect: the took out the super annoying magnet hip checks, the speed is pretty realistic, the puck bounces and rolls pretty realistically. It's great. 
The crowd in the Cup mode sounded pretty good, way better than last year. It's still not perfect though, sometimes I would score a goal and they really didn't react as strongly as they should.
I wasn't a fan of the after-the-whistle delays though. It's fine once and a while to get into some scrums, but having to wait 10 seconds after each whistle is annoying.
The first person fighting is hilarious, but useless.
I wasn't able to do any of the knew shots/dekes off the knees, but I saw the computer bat the puck out of the air.
Anyway that's all for now, anyone else have impressions?

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I can't wait for this! The first one was pretty much perfect, as long as this is more of the same I will be happy.

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I tend to be wary whenever I am matched up with someone with a record of like 32 wins 2 losses, 31 by KO 1 by submission. They tend to be disconnecters. The best feeling in the world is taking them down and submitting them with my first move, before they have a chance to unplug their router.

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I just bought a PS3 and I think it's great. My 360 is almost out of warranty, so when it inevitably red rings again I will just use the Playstation.