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BIG improvement over the last couple of years 0

I will go into this review saying I am a big wrestling fan, so my review is biased in that way. If you don't know a back breaker from a spine buster, your take on this game will be much different.   If you've played the previous Smackdown vs Raw games, you know generally what to expect. The action in this game is very comparable to last years installment, but it's all the little things they've added in that make 2010 shine.   The modes are pretty much the same as last year: Exhibition, Road to W...

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Mediocre wrestling action 0

I'm a huge wrestling fan. Every year I hope for a great WWE game by THQ, and pretty much every year I am disappointed. The lowest point for me was WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008. That game was just awful, I could not play it longer than 20 minutes before I gave up on it forever. The controls sucked, the loading was unbearable, the announcing was terrible (as always), and they actually took out modes that I liked in previous games.With that being said, Smackdown vs Raw 2009 improves on 2008. It's not ...

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The best hockey game I have ever played. 0

I have been playing hockey games since Ice Hockey for the NES, so clearly I am the most qualified man on the planet to review NHL 09. It really is the greatest hockey game ever. Up until NHL 07 introduced the skill stick, hockey games were pretty much all about checking all the time until you could get the puck for long enough to score a cheese one timer goal.  For the 07 game EA switched up the formula, reducing checking effectiveness way down and putting more emphasis on stick handling & s...

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