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Oh my god... if Nintendo built a Skylanders-esque system of scanning into their next console, I take back all the doomsaying from the other day. They will have won again. I'm buying Nintendo stock right now.

I need to buy all the shy guy figures I can get. All of them.

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"Nintendo doesn't plan to announce the final cost, launch date, nor finalized launch lineup of games until after E3."


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Wait, first a new Mario, and now a new Call of Duty?

This has been the most unpredictable month ever!

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Kind of random, but alright?

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I could've sworn during early internet days of late 90s or early 00s, I randomly typed in as a young lad hoping to find information about Link's Awakening or something probably, and remembered it going to a porn site instead.

Anyone else experience this? I swore this happened, and I'm pretty sure it was Just curious, because if other people remember this and can confirm my memory is legit - man, I miss the mystery of the old school internet days.

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EA isn't awesome, but no way are they worse than GameStop or Best Buy.

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There needs to be more episodes of this.

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So I'm getting rid of some shirts, figured I'd put these ones up here for any members who want them. They're all in pretty good shape still. The BOMB shirt was worn the most, Lobsters the 2nd most, and the Chibi Cube was only worn once.

I'm not looking to make money on these, just looking to get rid of them. So like $5 shipped each should cover shipping and everything.