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Touching story. Thanks for writing this, Patrick. Ryan will always be missed.

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The only contact I ever had with Ryan was when he read my e-mail on an old, old Bombcast episode (the intern abuse episode). Still miss ya, buddy.

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Dead Space. There was supposed to be a power cell in front of a door, that allowed you to open the door. The was no such power cell. I reloaded many times, but (I read online) the cell was falling through the floor and I needed to reload the whole area. I didn't have a save in a previous area (and there's no way to go back) so there was literally no way for me to progress. I then gave up and Youtube'd the ending.

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@newhaap: Yeah, I just beat it! I can't wait for the next episode!

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Anybody else have placeholder text for the stats screen? It might be only accessible after the game is beaten; I can't remember.

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I think that this is just going to be a solution thread so I don't think we need to use spoiler tags unless it's a huge spoiler.

You need to grab the pillow from the in front of the brick wall. Just peek out and grab it. Then use it on the zombie lying next to the car. Grab the spark plug inside the car and use it on the window to get the screw driver.

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Too late. I already preordered it. So no. Also, overreaction, much?

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I was just hacked, as well. Fortunately, the Xbox customer support representative that I spoke to was very helpful and friendly. If this happens to you make sure to change your password right away so they can't get access to your account again.

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Republic Commando!