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Efficient and refined, L4D is sure to please anyone with a brain. 0

L4D is a hard game, no doubt about it. In this game only cooperation with your teammates will keep you alive in the gruesome zombie apocalypse. If you try to be a lone wolf you'll most likely get killed by a hunter or smoker (some of the special infected).With L4D, Valve has trimmed the fat and only left the meaty awesomeness. There are only a few weapons to chose from and a few levels to mess around on, but it all feels incredibly sharp and polished. Similarly, the graphics perform well and are...

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Broken AI and a weak story keep AO2 from capturing your heart. 0

Salem and Rios, the main characters and army rangers, quickly learn that they could be making more money in privatized military, so they leave the army and and become mercenaries for hire. You play as either one of these soldiers of fortune during the modern day war in Iraq. Sounds good right? Too bad it's only true half of the time. If you're playing with another friend cooperatively then AO2 is a blast. On the other hand, if you are playing on your own then your experience will be very frust...

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