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I'm actually pleased by this news. May gives me time to get my tax return back and buy a spiffy new GPU. It also leaves room to get through the deluge of crap coming out before the end of fiscal 2014.

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But what about Canada, eh? D:

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Well, so much for playing Unity and Far Cry 4. Thanks for saving me $120 bucks, Ubisoft!

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@triumvir: Omni always gets great sets. Too bad he's still trench tier and niche as fuck and gets like no playtime.

My crew of dota buds and I sit around 2500-3500 mmr. I've found Omni fairly effective, at that level. More importantly, I just think he's super fun to play, as I love playing support. (Barring obvious team comp faux pas) if I like a character, I'll play them. I still play Windrunner all the time, for example, despite the fact she's underpowered right now. I enjoy her playstyle.

EDIT: RE Carry-Omni: if he get's fed and ignores what the normal core items are in favour of stuff like Basher, Mjolnir, Helm of Dominator or Armlet, he can do an okay semi-carry. He's already tanky and durable, with a built-in BKB. It's sort of a joke build, but I bet someone could make it work.

Aw yeah. Let's talk about sick doto pocket strats in these GB comments. Everyone will know what we are talking about.

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@rowr: Brad is too busy emptying out his wallet to buy the new hats.

I can't blame him. Did you even see that new Omniknight set?! Can't wait for that treasure to release. :3

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I fear Chen now. Luckily, at my current mmr, I rarely run up against a good one. lol

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The changes to the map, the way runes work, and the way damage works are probably the most significant updates.


No doubt those are big changes, but I've heard some speculating that the changes to hero bounties will be the most profound. Basically, with the new patch, if a hero on a streak is killed, the killer receives the usual bounty gold (decreased from what it used to be) PLUS an amount of gold that is derived from the entire combined net worth of the enemy team. Nahaz did some theory crafting and found that this can result in huge bounties that create much easier comebacks (Previous max bounty was 1425g on a level 25 hero. Now, it seems you can go far beyond that on a much lower leveled hero).

Broken down here. They acknowledge that it remains to be seen how this will play out and if their math is correct:

Holy shit, duder. That stuff sort of went over my head when I was checking it out at work (no time to crunch numbers). If that shakes out right, you could get a major item on the back of one kill.

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All of my main characters got substantial buffs. Especially Warlock. His Ultimate ability was powerful before; now it is broke as fuck.

The changes to the map, the way runes work, and the way damage works are probably the most significant updates.


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I'd like to see CD Projekt Red have a crack at a Star Trek RPG, a la the first Mass Effect. Either that or have Telltale Games do it (I think the episodic structure is perfect for a Star Trek video game). Speaking of Telltale, I'd dance with joy if they ever did a game in the Neuromancer universe.

Really, I want Double Fine to make a Dave Lang simulator. It would have to be in Flash though.

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@corruptedevil: The case is pretty large and the carry-on restrictions for the airline I'm using preclude me doing this.