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If you've got good people behind you, supporting and believing in you, then it's not so bad. Keep your head up, duder.

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I know how you feel 100%. I tried to play some games I bought and haven't played yet, but I couldn't really get into any of them. I play a lot of FIFA, but that's just a mindless podcast-listening activity to me. I still love GB content, but yeah, not finding a lot of games interesting these days.

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I'm an American and this thread is terrifying.

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The first time, I just watched the BR run, tried to start VJ but couldn't handle watching DP again. I'd say watch them simultaneously. They're both very much worth watching and while you will see a lot of the same stuff over and over again, they do start to diverge quite a lot in the middle.

If you can't handle that, watch them about a year apart like I did.

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I play Fifa primarily in Manager Mode against AI when I should be playing other games. Building up a team and progressing through a career gets so addicting.

So...I guess play Manager Mode is my advice.

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I'm shocked to hear of all the cognitive dissonance people experienced playing RDR and GTA IV. I guess that's good, in a way. I always wanted the best for those characters though, because they always felt like good people in a bad situation. Whether or not that was the case is debatable, but that's how it felt

Not so for the GTA V characters. Those dudes were pieces of shit, with the possible exception of Franklin.

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Been enjoying Dan on the Powerbombcast and his random OkCupid prank stories on past E3 live shows (think that was him). Don't know anything about Jason, but I'm excited to see them join and I'm hoping this leads to more and more awesome content. Welcome aboard, guys.

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I've never been less proud to be a subscriber to this site than I am today. I welcome Jason and Dan to the site and I hope they do great things here, but I'm also disappointed and would have really enjoyed a different perspective in the mix. I don't care about these "best fit" or "maybe they were the most qualified for the job arguments." Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. There were probably dozens of qualified candidates, . But berating a woman on Twitter and then people in these comments for expressing a legitimate opinion? Inexcusable and awful and by and large, you people are better than this.

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Big RPGs like Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition seem like they'll fill this need nicely. Most other games seem to be co-op optional, though I will admit that when game companies make co-op the focus of their media campaign it turns me off a bit

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You can say "Kanji isn't gay and Naoto doesn't want to be a man," be technically right, and avoid the larger issue that the game brings up or alludes to issues of homosexuality and gender dysphoria and then callously dismisses them (just kidding, turns out these people were 'normal' the whole time!). There's telling the story you want to tell and then there's being completely tone deaf (or just not caring). I love Persona 4 but at best it is tone deaf on these issues.