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"King Washington" sounds horrible - too many "ing" syllables in close proximity. I suppose he would've just gone by "King George I of America" ... and now I've thought about this far too much.

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He said, "The Illusive Man is a Collector."

[But not really. It's a good hook, though, to make one want to play the full version.]

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I'm striving for more stability in work and life. That's about as vague a resolution as I could commit to, so there's no where to go but up!

Renegade Ops, please!

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@NekuSakuraba: Yeah, as TwoLines said, it's coming out in November. It's going to be GFWL-enabled and should be on Steam too. (Just thought we may need to be open about that.)

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The original FAQ post from Playstation also says that the Vita can play all PSP downloadable titles from PSN, so at least it's got that going for it out of the gate.

Just my opinion, but when Japanese companies say, "we're evaluating the possibility of [insert service]", it's pretty much equivalent to a parent saying to their child, "ma~~ybe."

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Totally read that headline as "Star Wars: The Old Republic Wii ships this year". Blew my mind for about three seconds.

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Seeing someone like Ice-T struggling with opening a box and running off to find a knife like it's Christmas morning is ADORABLE. I don't know why, but it makes him seem like even more of an everyman.

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You were born in 1985? Jesus Klepek, you're a goddamned baby.

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Gearbox folks including Steve Gibson are on UStream at the moment broadcasting info on the game, story, design, etc.

All those interested should check it here:

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No.  A family should be a unit wherein trust is absolute.  You violate that when you steal even a couple of bucks.  The amount doesn't matter, it's the action.  
Grow up little boy.