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Red-Wolf coming in

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So I have come into a decent some of money that all falls under the disposable income flag. It's not enough to invest or do anything with, and there is nothing that I really need it for so I am thinking about buying a beast of a computer. So, if you guys are able to help me out with a few questions, I would really appreciate it.

1. CPU's: I don't do any video/photo editing and only some very light CAD work. It's not worth spending any more money than a nice high end quad core right? Last I remember, admittedly this was a year or two ago, games don't even regularly use more than two cores.

2. SSD's. The EVO's are still the way to go with SSD's right?

3. RAM: 16GB of the fast ram that will fit in the board will do the trick I believe. I know that more than 8 is not really needed most of the time, but there are some occasions running some of my poorly made engineering software 8GB is not quite enough.

4. Graphics Card: This is the big one. So I have a line of a cheap 290, but I am putting some serious thought into to picking up the newest shiniest jazz. I am thinking about picking up one or two 980's (Like I said, a decent chunk of change) This leads to the next question.

5.. Monitor: So as I am picking up new computers, I feel like I should finally upgrade my monitors. At the moment I have 2 old 1080 21 inch monitor. To get the best use out of the new card, what kind of monitor should I be looking at? I will need to pick up two of them, as at this point I can't go back to a single monitor in terms of productivity, but I will only be playing on one.

So, if anyone is able to help me out I would greatly appreciate you advice. Cheers

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Do you need more Australians on your list? Add me
PSN: dman_rox93

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Pretty Much anything

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Hey everyone, thought I should give you all a heads up that there the first set of DLC is free for existing owners. Can't say it's the best game, but hey, free DLC right?

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For me personally, not really. However I do live in a house that often has several kids running around in it and at this point, nearly everything that has Dan in it I feel a little uncomfortable playing out loud, have to try and dig out some headphones for it. Honestly, I do think he needs to chill out a bit some of the time. Take the Hohokam quick look as an example of how he needs to let it slide a little bit. It was kinda funny at the start with him raging on, for lack of a better term, hippie yoga, but when it kept on going on and on, I didn't think it was funny, just got kinda annoying. Having said that, a lot of the stuff he is doing on the Metal Gear Scanlon is pretty good stuff, I think he is just going to take some time to settle into a grove.

Somewhat related, has anyone noticed how much he, I don't know, grunts during videos? It doesn't particular worry me, I just find it a bit funny.

Also, to everyone that seems to be making the claim that we can't criticise how a member of the giantbomb staff is 'Acting' on videos, sure we can. They are expressly asking us to give them money for this, and most companies that are trying to make money by providing a product of service like to get some kind of feedback. It's why it is information that would be useful for them to know is that I have no interest in really any of the content the Patrick is producing, however the other content that they are providing me as a paying customer is more than sufficient to cover the cost. If they got a whole bunch of feedback that indicated the same thing, I suspect Jeff or someone at the larger CBS would be justified to have a chat to Patrick about the content he is producing. If a significant number of the audience felt uncomfortable with the amount of cursing the Dan was dropping on a regular basis, you would not be operating in the best interest of your audience, the shareholders nor the site to ignore that fact.

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Wait, in the US do your previous employers have to pay unemployment benefits or are these all "Unjustified Dismissal" and works comp law suits?

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Australia has a pretty high minimum wage and we are doing ok. I should note that our minimum wage is not the absolute minimum wage. For every year under 20 I think the minimum wage decreases by some %. To me this makes a decent bit of sense as it results in a steady flow of personnel flowing through super low wage positions at a time when they are still in high school/living at home first year or two of uni, Mcdonald's ect, that get some work experience then proceed on to better wok. Of course there are problems here and there but it seems to work pretty well.

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So here is what happened. The hard drive in my launch ps4 died so I hit up Sony to get it replaced. The normal process followed, they sent me a postage paid thing and I sent it off.

The next step however was the interesting part. Today I come home to find a giant postage box on my desk. I open it and see that my ps4 is back. However, once I opened it, I realised that this is a brand new box including an extra controller, HDMI cable, everything. Needless to say, I am more than happy to get a free extra controler.

Has anyone else had to send their PS4 back and got a similar situation? I suppose this will be the case until they build up a bit of a refurbished back catalogue to work with.

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@agn0sis said:

I guess I would like to see something along the lines of the special episodes that Top Gear UK puts on every couple of seasons.

That would be really cool to see.

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I somewhat agree with what you are saying. I still find Jeff funny in most cases, and the lack of content seems very much a case of the need from one or two more back end staff and another front end San Fransisco person. I don't know the internal procedure for hiring people is at CBS, but if it is anything thing like every big business, it is a pain in the but. Jeff and everyone seems to understand this is a downfall and at least appear to be trying to fix it, so once that is all working, I think the quantity, and dare I say quality will improve. Having a dedicated production crew that doesn't also have top worry about appearing on screen must surry both speed things up, and allow for more time to be spent on it.

As far as Patrick, I think that a most, if not all the content he produces when he has his 'news hat on is great, some of the best video game journalism on the internet. However, the content he produces by himself, or even Scoops and the Wolf, when he is wearing his 'personality' hat are absolutely meaningless to me. I find the nerd bro persona, that may be him or may just be a stage character that his has built uninteresting, grating and as such, I am not going to spend an hour or so watching it. I hope Patrick doesn't take this personally, its the same way I just don't like some TV that other people like, there is something in the combination that doesn't sit right with me. The professional Wednesday shows were pretty great though, and I hope that we can see more of them in the future.

In the end, I don't feel cheated Patrick producing this content, ostensibly with some amount of the money that I give to giant bomb with my subscription as the overheads are super low, just him perhaps a bit of wed programmers time and any time Vinny spends backing things up, but it is a amount of time that is not single handedly preventing the rest of giant bomb from producing more content. There are organisational shortfalls that appear to be causing that, completely unrelated to Patrick or Jeff's 'apathy'. At the moment the amount of content they produce more than meets my value test for the $5 a month I pay, and if they want me to pay $10 a month to be able to expand, fix these shortfalls they have, I would be willing to do that.