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I don't understand why everyone doesn't love playing with huge armies of little model figures while discussing topics like the quantitative and qualitative merits of the Fallschirmjäger equipment during WW2. A lot of people will even think that I should not be spending hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours a year on this. They might even say they don't like them (what with the neck beards and whatnot). People like lots of different stuff, try to not let it bother you.

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@soulfulsoul: It is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question. Is there any chance that you could give any more details into what you are looking to render? Failing that, if a 1 is static shots of a single object with a single light source and a 10 is hundreds of objects, with dozens of lighting sources in a 30 minute long video, where are you aiming to operate as your core usage. Ignore high numbers that are going to happen one or twice in the life of the computer. It is easy enough for those cases to just let it run overnight.

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A question worth asking is what kind of CAD you are doing? If all you are talking about is wireframe drawings, as long as you have a decent CPU (i5 will work most of the time) you should be fine with gaming components. The only other thing to remember is that you would want 16/32 gb of ram as sometimes people hate you and send dog's loaded up with gigabytes of unnecessary information.

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@wacomole said:
@dookierope said:

Stopped reading at "I commend management." I don't think you get it homie. Sorry.

Let us know when you finish your MBA, get a soul crushing "career," and a BMW.

You shouldn't have a thing against well-qualified people with a "career" who drive "fancy" cars, especially if you're talking about the multi-billiion dollar games industry.

I'm pretty sure that Jeff drives a fancy car...........

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@newhuman: Thank you for explaining that. I haven't really encountered that before. I have heard of the roles (talent ect) occasionally, but not in the context that you put them in.

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@dookierope: Sorry, as I have said, English is a second language for me and most of the content I write in the English is formal work documents. I am sorry that using these words has upset you.

Not quite a MBA though, got a civil engineering degree that has worked out pretty well. I make a decent living, get to do interesting work and get enough time that I am able to use my abilities to help develop water and sewage facilities in my region (Oceania) during my holidays.

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@johnymyko said:

But let's not start to do crazy demands or saying things like "commend the management for identifying this as a problem".

Sorry, why is "commend the management for identifying this as a problem" such a bad thing to say? Perhaps I misinterpreted what happened, but they have on multiple occasions stopped people from going into wrestling and told them to wait until the power bombcast. My interpretation is that at some point, it was decided that all the wrestling talk was disturbing enough of the audience that they felt the need to address it. Have they said something different that I have missed?

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@newhuman: Thank you very much. When I see people being upset with things that I don't understand (Using talent) or saying that I mean something else, I get very concerned that I have got something wrong.

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@ratamero said:

I never thought I'd see someone use "talent", "management" and "product" in earnest when referring to GB. Sounds nothing like what I imagine people who come to this site to be.

Sorry, English is a second language to me and I wanted to try and be as clear as possible. It seems to have upset a lot of people me using technical terms. Are you able to let me know why this is causing you concern? I am genuinely interested as I can't understand the issue.

For clarity, I was trying to distinguish between the more or less three main roles in giant bomb. you have the technical staff (Vinny, Drew, Jason + others I forgot the name of) who manage all the technical aspects of the content the are producing. The cast/talent are the staff who's main job is to generate the content (Dan, Brad, Alex, Austin). The management are the people who are in charge of the website (Jeff + whomever CBS sends as a manager). A lot of time people move inbetween rolls, Vinny, Drew, Jason all appearing on videos, but I was attempting to basically allocate responsibility.

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@drgrumbles: the only part of this that counts as criticism is to research a little and make the non-UPF shows a bit tighter. which yeah may be valid, but again have you even VISITED the site over the past eight years? it's always been that way. i don't think they're gonna change that now unless the complaints get REALLY vocal.

Sorry, I don't really understand when you say that only the lack of research is criticism. I've looked up a few definitions of criticism and the are all variations on "the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes." (Sorry if you don't want to answer, English is a second language so I sometimes ask silly questions). I've visited the site since 2010, and in my opinion the content has changed. I don't understand why people do belive that I think that the content has changed.