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#1 Posted by TROLOLOLOLO (40 posts) -

well i actually have been using alot of Kabal recently.

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probably a tie between Stryker and Cyrax

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PSN: Waterspider474

Main: Stryker/Cyrax

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yeah, i know, this was a really stupid thing of me to say, but at the time, the game had not been reported on much and no one i mentioned it to knew what i was talking about. 
looking back it was a pretty stupid thing to say.

#5 Posted by TROLOLOLOLO (40 posts) -
@xhavoc86: except open world, a less fantasy aspect, open world, and one central main character.
#6 Posted by TROLOLOLOLO (40 posts) -

if they do this they should make it alot like red dead redemption, in nearly every aspect, including online play, i would love the option to run around the game world with fellow Samurai.

my one concern is that Rockstar games had clunky Melee Combat, most of them rely on the use of guns for killing enemys.

one thing i would like to see is a less linear story, more options. i would like to start as a clan member, but due to some falling out, become a Ronin.
like i said, its far fetched, but its something i would love to see.
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i would like to see a Rockstar Game set in Feudal Japan, something like Way of the Samurai, but actually good

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@Axxol: thats because it is.
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@ShalashaskaUK666:  i know for a fact there is at least one time in the game where you can say lie, and two pieces of evidence can be used to get a slightly different (but still correct) responce 
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hmm, i was wondering weather these 2 desks will be re-added as a DLC, and weather they will be included as cases seperate to the main plot, or will the be restored to there original intentions and expand the Main story.
I mean there was a huge "6 months later" during the time between the Traffic and Homicide Desks, so they could easily be used to fill in the gap

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