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Bristol, NH, USA

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It seems like the Lego Hobbit QL is not up on YouTube either. Any chance you could check on that one too?

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I like the idea, but the name is....meh. Seems like very little thought went into it. I won't bother trying to come up with a better name though, so Unfinished it is!

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Hey guys, I thought you'd like to know that Brothers is part of the Countdown to 2014 sale and it'll be $5 until the end of the year. Seems like a good deal!

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What an amazing end to an amazing show. I really can't complain about a single thing. I'm so relieved that they were able to tie up every loose end. Walt admitting to Skyler that it was all for himself was one of my favorite moments.

Also, I wasn't really paying much attention to the song playing at the end, but just listen to the lyrics and how perfect they are:

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I have a Dead Space 1 key I don't need, so PM if you want it.

Never mind!

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I'im pretty sure you have to click the pull-down menu in Steam that usually says "installed" (should be in the upper right hand corner of Steam) and change it to "all games" or something like that. Then all the games you have purchased should be listed, including the one you bought through the Steam app.

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Wow, thanks for posting the APK for Kindle Fire owners. Looks great!

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Is it really a big deal? I can't believe some of the complaints that are coming up with this reveal. Nitpicking beyond belief. Are you also angry that it's HDMI only?

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I don't see the Xbox being any cheaper than $500, especially with Kinect included in every box.