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Meta who?

I almost never use that site. If I'm interested in a game, I check out videos, interviews, articles and other stuff, so by the time the game is actually released, I have gathered more than enough information to make a decision.

I also don't read other people's reviews (including here on GB), because they usually don't tell me anything new or useful.

It's sad to see industry insiders rely so much and put weight on this stuff.

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How so? You just post a donate YouTube link on the page with an instruction to use the same email and write the username, or use their API to directly communicate with PayPal. It's pretty easy actually.

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When season 4 starts of course.

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So why isn't it on the new account page? I was like WTH NO PAYPAL?!

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Yeah, in general there is at least one bit in every HH that's funny. :)

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Awesome, awesome stuff. :)

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Never mind.

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Traits are being redone now. Was just revealed at the main ArenaNet panel at PAX yesterday. :)

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Some new guild info from the panel.

“You can belong to as many guilds as you want. You can choose not to represent any of the guilds if you want to, or choose which one you would like to represent on any given day.”

“Talking about how they wanted to give people reasons to be in a guild. Earning “influence” when you do things with your guild. Can use influence to purchase, say, a flag that you can put down in an area and then anyone from your guild who’s near that flag gets an exp boost.”

“Guilds will earn influence and use this to unlock a skill tree of abilities to help the whole guild.”

“Guilds can own and upgrade “keeps” in WvWvW.”

“Influence can be used to unlock guild goodies, such as a flag to give an xp bonus.”

“Question about being in multiple guild chats at one time. You cannot do this. You can switch to whatever guild you want whenever you want but you can’t see multiple guild chats at once.”

“Trait system was scrapped and being redone.”